Learning Formats

A working method to suit every learning objective, easy and didactically effective.

Develop simple, interactive e-Learning solutions by combining Learning Formats, Smart Templates and Smart Programs.

Learning Formats

Learning Formats are our established recipes for powerful e-Learning. A Learning Format has one working method at its core with a specific didactic approach, a targeted application and fixed structure. A Learning Format helps to create focus, experience and positive learning outcomes. Our many years of experience in developing e-Learning means that we know exactly what working methods and designs work best online. This experience finds its way into the Learning Formats.

Learning Format ONTHESPOT


First impression training

Use ONTHESPOT to help participants quickly evaluate what they should do in practical situations. By adding a time limit, you can create a more realistic framework. The results at the end are supplemented by an overview with key messages.

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Learning Format SMARTPAGES


Context-driven learning

Use STORYWISE and let participants learn through narrative context. STORYWISE starts with facts to help spark interest and guides the participant through different dilemmas in which they need to make decisions and gain insight through feedback.

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Learning Format TASKSTEPS


Task-led learning

Use TASKSTEPS and guide the participant through a (software) task in incremental steps. Within TASKSTEPS, you can choose working methods that match the task: ‘Walk-through’, ‘Practice’, ‘Quiz’ and ‘Quick Guide’.

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Smart Templates

Use Smart Templates and develop e-Learning that you can use for different learning objectives. FLOWSPARKS offers templates for magazines, interactive videos, evaluations, questionnaires, 360° experiences and tests.


Use SMARTPAGES to develop clear and informative e-Learning solutions. Write text and add images, multiple-choice questions, videos, links and hotspot images. The clear structure of SMARTPAGES makes it easy to present information clearly.

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Learning Format smartvideo


Use SMARTVIDEO to develop interactive video. Upload a video and add key moments in the form of a question or information. You can also add hotspots that will appear in the image at specified points in time. Additional information or a question is displayed when the participant clicks on the hotspots.

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Learning Format SMARTTEST


Use SMARTTEST to develop online tests. The opportunities are extensive. Easily develop diagnostic, formative and summative tests to thoroughly assess participants’ knowledge.

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Smart Programs

Is your e-Learning part of something bigger? Then it should be visualised as such as well. Use Smart Programs to offer components of your program in an attractive and clear structure. Assemble your online program using FLOWSPARKS modules or existing SCORM/LTI modules. Add videos, references and/or a certificate to make your program complete.

Learning Format CROSSROADS


With CROSSROADS, the participant influences the order of the program by answering questions. In this way, you can create different pathways and destinations.

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Learning Format FASTLANE


Use the FASTLANE Smart Program to offer an e‑Learning program that takes into account the individual participant’s level of knowledge.

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Learning Format THEMEPAGE


A THEMEPAGE combines different activities into a single, clear theme page. The participant can navigate freely on the page.

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In the INFOGUIDE, the participant quickly and easily navigates through large amounts of information using a drop-down menu with different topics and categories. The participant uses the underlying activities as a support, question bank or reference tool.

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