Context-driven learning


In STORYWISE, the images tell the story and help to bring the context to life. This active learning method captivates participants for longer, increasing the likelihood that they will retain the information.



Use STORYWISE and let the participant learn from a narrative context. STORYWISE starts with facts in order to stimulate. After that, the participants are taken through a story in which they encounter various dilemmas. For each dilemma, they choose what they would say or do in that situation. Participants get feedback about the choices they have made and for each dilemma they receive an insight with additional information. This information builds up into a complete knowledge tree.

1-3 facts & quotes | 1 overall scenario: ongoing story | 5-10 dilemmas (incl. feedback and insights) | Result page

For the organization

A story involving practical dilemmas:

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    Motivates through recognition and challenge
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    Stimulates knowledge building through practical awareness
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    Creates engagement and focus
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    Uses one another’s experiential expertise
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    Quickly fosters understanding for current topics

For the participant

A story involving practical dilemmas:

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    Offers a compact and challenging learning opportunity
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    Provides immediate feedback and rewards
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    Builds knowledge for better understanding
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    Learn from your own context
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    Respond to dilemmas

The power of STORYWISE

Positive psychology

With STORYWISE, it is important when formulating the answers to really look for 3 “right/possible” answers/options (none of the answers are actually wrong, but are right, better and best). This allows you to reward an answer positively with each feedback.


Learning by doing

STORYWISE turns the traditional learning process around. First we let participants take an ‘action’ based on a practical example and after that we bring in the theory. The feedback that follows is extremely important in enabling and promoting the ‘learning’. The direct feedback is followed by the theoretical insights.


Context-driven learning from practice

Within STORYWISE, we can really create a context that is close to the participants’ daily practice. In this ‘safe’ digital context, people can focus on applying skills and behavior which have no real consequences. In addition, the recognizability of the context ensures that the insights learned are also applied in daily practice.

STORYWISE in practice

Use STORYWISE, for example, to draw attention to codes of conduct or make employees aware of their own behaviour in the context of discrimination

How does STORYWISE work?

Context-driven learning works with a powerful Learning Format such as STORYWISE. Curious about the other working methods needed to make other active ways of learning a success? Discover the inspiring and motivating FLOWSPARKS Learning Formats.

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