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More and more customers are in need of control over their digital learning modules. Complete dependence on external e-Learning agencies for development is starting to lose momentum. There is a noticeable trend in companies looking to manage their digital learning materials themselves. FLOWSPARKS offers the ideal solution.

Ask yourself: what if …

… customers could have more control when it comes to creating and managing e-Learning solutions?
… your team members could grow from ‘tool experts’ to trusted advisers in building e-Learning solutions?
… you could generate more income while taking the pressure off your production team?
… you could develop structural, recurring income in the long term?
… you no longer had to depend on the unique knowledge of off-the-shelf tools that aren’t that user-friendly?

With FLOWSPARKS, all of this is possible. It is a worldwide first for learning platforms, combining educational intelligence with an appealing and responsive graphic design. This empowers you as an e-Learning agency and your customers as experts in their field to concentrate on what you do best – high-quality content for a more effective digital learning process.

Added value for a project-based business model

You remain the expert. Customers need support in the FLOWSPARKS onboarding process. Practice shows that customers are happy to trust the knowledge of an expert, not just for the first e-Learning modules, but in their continued development as well.

A tool for professionals AND dummies

With FLOWSPARKS, anyone can create fantastic e-Learning solutions – both your customers and your team. Instead of starting with a blank page, we offer a database full of teaching templates, all of which can be adapted to your look and feel. FLOWSPARKS offers all of the tools needed to ensure smooth collaboration between customer and agency.

More income, more profitability

Now things are becoming interesting! This software is so easy to use that it’s an income generator in itself. It helps to expand the business model of a standard e-Learning agency, and guarantees recurring income based on SaaS licences. Become a reseller and discover all of the benefits.

Mauth.CC discovered the power of FLOWSPARKS


At Mauth.CC, we have every confidence in the FLOWSPARKS e-Leaning software. It is our preferred Smart Authoring platform. It is easy to integrate with our LMS solutions and adapted content development activities.

It immediately turned out to be a hit! We are delighted that our customer Abbot chose this platform and uses FLOWSPARKS to create learning materials.

We are a proud partner. Our key sales arguments:

1. Return on investment = lower maintenance costs + shorter development cycles
2. Enabling our customers to update their own content is a real plus.
3. State-of-the-art design = more appealing content will help our proposition to stand out
4. Innovation = a visionary, new way of producing e-Learning solutions

FLOWSPARKS is a leading innovator in e-Learning technology. It is a disruptive business model in itself, and offers added value for both our customers and our organisation. Mauth.CC has definitely experienced a boost.’

Rainer Mauth, Managing Director at Mauth.CC GmbH

Current resellers

Customers are crazy about FLOWSPARKS

Webinar Toshiba

“We moved from a dull slideshow to a ‘Moviestar’ experience”. In this webinar, you will learn how Toshiba is using FLOWSPARKS as an interactive tool to support its international character. They consider the software to be particularly user-friendly and enthusiastically share some examples.

Watch the webinar

Webinar AMC International

AMC International uses e-Learning to train its independent sales consultants. Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, they have the tools to effortlessly bridge cultural and linguistic differences. In this webinar, AMC International explains how they go about it.

Watch the webinar

Launch a new business model with FLOWSPARKS

A breeding ground is needed for a new business model in the rapidly changing world of digitisation. By giving customers more flexibility and autonomy when creating content, you have the chance to transform from a content production unit to a strategic content partner. Become a reseller and develop a recurring income stream. Opt for a partnership with your customers, they will thank you for it!

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We value the relationship that we have with our resellers and are looking for like-minded business partners. FLOWSPARKS is an important asset in the development and maintenance of a long-term dynamic relationship with your customers. Are you a potential partner who shares our passion for innovative learning software and our dedication to customer satisfaction? Then get in touch and become a reseller!

In our 30-minute chat, you will:

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