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User Generated e‑Learning

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What if creating
e-Learning was easy?


Prefer co-production, or happy to hand the reins over to someone else?


Authoring tool

Authoring tool

Quickly and easily develop your own e-Learning using didactic learning methods.



For the distribution, reporting and administration of e-Learning.



Manage access to digital modules quickly and easily and determine registration details.



Are you looking for co-production, full outsourcing or tailored advice?

Can be used by anyone

The power of the authoring tool lies in the unique Learning Formats; with these templates based on a positive didactic approach, anyone can create e-Learning solutions.

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Management and creation all in one place

The user-friendly Learning Management System, which is quick to implement, allows you to easily manage and distribute all of your training courses. Comprehensive reports offer insight into results and use.

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Professional support

You’re never on your own. Customer Success Coaches are on hand to ensure successful implementation and roll-out within your organisation.

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Create e-Learning solutions in three easy steps


Set your learning objectives


Choose the most suitable Learning Format


Complement with content expertise


Four calls and five e-mails and we were ready to go

Rene - Engagement Manager

FLOWSPARKS is very intuitive and easy to use. After literally four calls and five emails with the FLOWSPARKS team, I was already familiar with it.

After a month, I was ready to create my own content and introduce it to the team.

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Anyone can create e-Learning

Evelyne - Director Leadership and Organizational Development

Sharing knowledge in a large organisation with multiple locations is a given in today’s digital world. But in many cases, well-known learning solutions are often developed only for specialist employees in L&D. With FLOWSPARKS, things work differently. You don’t need to be an instructional designer to create or adapt e-Learning solutions. This means that at Bridgestone, we can focus on what really counts – the content.

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Didactic templates and guidance

Jan - Digital Learning Specialist

The teaching templates were an important reason to start using FLOWSPARKS as a training platform. We have experienced trainers within our organisation, but online learning is something quite different to classroom-based lessons. As such, the didactic guidance available within the software itself -for putting together your training courses- is a great help.

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The benefits for you

Easy to use on any device

Powerful multilingual capability

Didactic templates

Content creation by anyone

Quick, time-saving

Different learning pathways and methods

Development by learning experts