Plot the learning journey for every participant and track their progress

Distribution, reporting and administration of your e‑Learning is all handled using the LMS. The LMS supports complete management of your content.



Navigate the range of training courses and widgets with the handy search and filter functions.


Blended learning

You can also manage traditional training courses online. Enrol participants or give them the option to enrol themselves. Link locations, rooms and tutors to a traditional training course and integrate it into a blended learning pathway.

Stay in contact with your users

Managers and trainers can communicate with participants using the e-mail and messaging functionality. From short messages to automatic e-mails containing information about learning activities and the process.



With the widget-based platform, you can configure the environment entirely to suit your preferences. Decide for yourself which privileges users are granted within their personal learning environment.



The FLOWSPARKS LMS contains reporting options that go far beyond standard SCORM reporting.


Single sign-on

FLOWSPARKS supports SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On . Users no longer need a separate username and password to gain access to their personal learning environment.



You can easily create links with different systems such as web shops, HR systems, apps, etc. We do this using our own API, but it also supports all kinds of standard integrations.


SaaS solution

FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). It means that you do not need to install anything, and you will always be working with the latest version.


Customer Success Coaches

Our Customer Success Coaches are experienced in the implementation of FLOWSPARKS for our customers. They can assist with your specific situation and examine how FLOWSPARKS best integrates into your organisation.

No-nonsense distribution and user management