Learning Management System

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    Distribution, reporting and administration of your e‑Learning is all handled using the LMS. The Learning Management System supports complete management of your content.

    Create the desired learning flows with our LMS

    Apply blended learning

    Combine digital learning with traditional classroom training. Blended learning is the perfect approach to give all your participants equal opportunities to succeed their learning goals. Record attendees, manage schedules or create waiting lists with blended learning.

    Arrange access for external professionals and partners

    Easily make your modules or a selection available to external professionals and partners. Think about commercial courses or product guidelines.

    Increased engagement and motivation

    Use gamification elements to increase the intrinsic motivation. Select due dates for individual modules or the complete program and decide to make modules mandatory.

    Easily manage authors and participants

    Define roles

    Easily define roles and associated user rights for all authors. Assign access control to administrators, managers and subject matter experts.

    Stay in touch

    Managers, authors and trainers can communicate with participants using the e-mail and messaging functionalities. From short messages to automatic e-mails and push notifications.

    Access to modules

    Manage access to individual modules or assign complete programs. Go for self-registration or let administrators register their participants.

    Single sign-on

    FLOWSPARKS supports SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On and OpenID. Authors and participants no longer need a separate username and password to gain access to their personal learning environment.

    Track progress and results

    Clear dashboards

    Navigate the range of training courses and widgets with the handy search and filter functions.

    Beautiful certificates

    Create automatically generated certificates per learning program. Is a certificate about to expire soon? The administrator and participant will receive a notification for recertification.

    Extensive real-time reporting

    Have insights into learning activities, outcomes and progression. Export the individual or group results in various formats or email reports.

    Valuable feedback

    Get traction with the experience of your participants by asking feedback. This will help to improve existing courses.

    More features you need for successful learning distribution and administration

    Powerful multilingual capability

    The LMS is available in more than 40 languages.

    Links and integrations

    We successfully join forces with other systems. Easily integrate with HR systems, LMSs, webshops, apps and more. We accomplish this using our own API and support all kinds of standard integrations like SCORM and LTI.


    We’re all in this together! You can address our helpdesk or Customer Success Coaches with any questions. Follow video trainings and find answers on our members portal. On top of that you can benefit from interactive customer sessions and other events.

    Connect content

    What is an LMS without content? Connect existing e-Learning content with the LMS. In addition, you can also integrate off-the-shelf e-Learning from other providers.

    SaaS solution

    FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). That means you don’t need to install anything. You can log into the platform from anywhere, and you’re always assured to be working in the latest version.

    ISO 27001

    The FLOWSPARKS platform works according to the guidelines of the ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) standard. There is a certified system in place for development, management, maintenance and support of the digital learning environments. You can also have a look at our blog to learn about the most vital features that your LMS needs in 2022.














    LMS Learning Management System

    Why does my organization need an LMS?

    If the strategy within your L&D department is to digitize and automate workflows, then an LMS is the tool to help you with your learning management. Registrations and enrolments are managed by the platform, as well as the communication and reminders that go with it. Reports can be generated with just a few clicks. By defining different roles, your organization can give more autonomy to team leads to assign and follow-up on (digital) courses. This frees up precious time to focus on talent development, growth and well-being.

    How to integrate an LMS with other systems?

    Are you using multiple platforms in your organization? By integrating your LMS with HR systems, webshops and apps, the platform becomes even more valuable and it becomes part of your learning ecosystem. A successful integration can be realized with an API or standard integration like SCORM and LTI. Do you want a seamless registration process? Go for a Single sign-on (SSO) solution. Do these words mean nothing to you? No worries. Our Customer Success Coaches are here to help you out.

    Want to know more about the possibilities of an LMS for your organization?

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    What is an LMS?

    An LMS is a Learning Management System, in a nutshell it allows you to track participants learning progress & reach out to them. With an LMS you are in full control of managing your organization’s learning courses, modules, users and results.

    An LMS has 2 main target groups who can login into the system:

    • Admins / trainers: The trainer can manage and assign courses (classroom or digital), find insights through reports, results and manage user access.
    • Users / participants: After logging in, the user sees a tailored dashboard with an overview of the courses, he has completed or still needs to start. Depending on the LMS he can also download certificates, select courses himself and get in touch with a trainer or other users.

    There are a lot of LMS platforms out there. The FLOWSPARKS LMS gives the possibility to track progress and results, create desired learning flows and easily manage admins and participants. You can create certifications, stay in touch with your participants, define roles and create blended learning paths.

    What are the benefits of an LMS?

    Benefits for the organization:

    • Save time and money for training and development
    • Keep track of the results and performance of all your participants
    • All learning material is accessible in one place
    • Easily create (individual) learning paths
    • Ensure compliance
    • Measure and improve your trainings

    Benefits for the participants 

    • Access to learning materials anytime, anywhere
    • Flexibility
    • One overview in a centralized location
    • Learning independently
    • Time saving


    How long does the implementation of an LMS take?

    It depends on the LMS. There are a lot of LMS suppliers with an implementation time that takes up to 1.5 years. The FLOWSPARKS LMS is a SAAS solution which means that the implementation phase is quite short and can be operational from 3 months.

    What does LMS mean?

    An LMS is a platform which supports the distribution, reporting and administration of your live learning sessions, e-Learning and other learning activities. LMS stands for Learning Management System:

    • Learning: All learning related data of your organization is accessible in 1 place.
    • Management: Manage the participants, trainers and courses. By tracking results you can analyse users and course material.
    • System: It’s a system. Another word could be platform, software or tool.


    What organizations could use an LMS?

    Any! No matter if you have 50 or 50,000 employees, or if you are a profit or non-profit organization. An LMS is useful for any company in any industry that wants to actively engage in learning and development.