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We use cookies to ensure that our site works correctly. A cookie is a small text file that is saved to your device during your visit to our website. The cookie stores information about the way in which you use our website. The cookie also provides us with information that is needed to ensure that our website works correctly. Three types of cookie are used: functional cookies, analytical cookies and tracking cookies. The following explains which cookies we use in each category, why and when they expire. Without your express consent, we shall only use functional cookies and cookies intended to measure visitor statistics. Other cookies will only be used with your explicit consent.

Functional cookies are required to ensure that the website works correctly. These cookies are saved by default so that our website retains certain information that you have provided. Functional cookies can ensure that you remain logged in during a visit to a website or that products are kept in a shopping basket if you want to purchase something in a webshop.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies enable us to analyse the website visit. The statistics that are generated by analytical cookies provide insight into how our website is visited, the information that visitors search for and which pages are visited the most or for the longest amount of time. This way, we can acquire information that will help us to improve our website and improve the experience for visitors.

We use the following analytical cookies:

  • Google Analytics
    We use Google Analytics. This allows us to see how visitors use our website and how effective our Adwords campaigns on Google search results pages are. The information acquired is transferred to and stored on servers operated by Google in the United States, together with the address of your computer (IP address). Google uses this information to monitor how our website is used, to be able to send reports about our website to us and to provide its advertisers with information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may disclose this information to third parties if Google is legally obligated to do so or to the extent that these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence over these activities. We have not authorised Google to use the analytics information acquired for other Google services.
Name: Saved by: Date of expiry: Objective:
_gat_ Google Analytics Direct Used to monitor the number of requests to Google Analytics servers.


_ga Google Analytics 2 years To distinguish visitors.
_gid Google Analytics 1 day Generates a unique number for every page that is visited on our website.


Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies or third-party cookies are cookies from external parties. These cookies monitor your behaviour and are saved to identify you and/or how you use one or more websites. These cookies can, therefore, impact your privacy. Using tracking cookies enables companies to compile a profile of your behaviour on the internet. This enables them to conduct more targeted advertising, amongst other things. We always require your consent to use these cookies. On our website, we display buttons to social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google. For these buttons to work correctly, these social media platforms save cookies to your device so that they can identify you whenever you are logged in to that social network. This also enables them to collect information about you. For further information on the data that social media companies collect, please refer to the respective companies’ privacy statements. These may change at regular intervals.

Further information?
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on the use of cookies. We also refer you to the privacy policy of the developers themselves

All cookies that are capable of identifying natural persons are considered personal data. Consequently, an IP address is also personal data. We can only save these cookies to your device with your consent. On your first visit to our website, you will see a cookie notification requesting your consent. You must explicitly indicate whether or not you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy (opt-in). Of course, we also give you the option to withdraw your consent (opt-out). In that case, you will need to delete the cookies that have been saved. On your next visit to our website, you can then refuse to consent to the use of cookies. You can also use (the settings in) your browser to block cookies. Please consult your browser’s help function for further information. Doing this will immediately block the cookies from other websites that you visit. Please note that blocking all cookies may mean that the website no longer functions correctly. Some functions of the website may also be lost.

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We reserve the right to make amendments to this cookie statement. Amendments will always be published on this website.