We create FLOW: Flexible Learning in an Online World

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A worry-free SaaS Solution

FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS solution. Meaning you don’t need to install anything. Log into the platform from anywhere, any time on any device. You’re always working in the latest version.

Nothing stands in the way of taking your organization to the next level in successful digital learning.

A pioneer with eyes on the horizon

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our products and services. Your organizations security is our highest priority. The FLOWSPARKS platform works according to the guidelines of ISO 27001.

Enjoy the newest trends and features in learning and development. Stay up-to-date and improve digital learning experiences as the FLOWSPARKS-Suite continues to evolve.

A player of your team

A dedicated Customer Success Coach will always be by your side. These coaches are the central point of contact and guide you to get the most out of FLOWSPARKS.

Looking for a quick upscaling of your learning developments? Give your organization a performance boost with our e-Learning services. Whether you choose for co-production, complete outsourcing or customized advice, our Learning Developers and experts are ready to keep you moving.

How FLOWSPARKS benefits your business even more

Save costs and time with better results

Create a consistent learning culture

Getting people to learn can be challenging. Focus on what benefits the participant and achieve a higher engagement. Use different teaching methods from blended learning to microlearning.

Start involving your employees in creating new modules and make use of real-life examples. By combining different techniques, you can create the learning culture you’ve always dreamed of.


Achieve more in less time

Anyone can create e-Learning. Easier said than done? Not at all! Imagine that a Subject Matter Expert (SME) can create e-Learning, without the intervention of a didactic, graphic designer or technical expert. With the FLOWSPARKS’ didactic templates your SME’s can easily build e-Learning themselves. Read how FLOWSPARKS helps you save up to 90% of your time.

Higher learning efficiency

We understand that learning is more than a checkoff exercise. Go for the highest learning efficiency and create a program that not only transfers knowledge but also creates awareness and trains skills.

Develop a successful learning strategy with our full-stack e-learning suite and dedicated customer support. Your success is our goal.











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Anyone can create e-Learning

Sharing knowledge in a large organisation with multiple locations is a given in today’s digital world. But in many cases, well-known learning solutions are often developed only for specialist employees in L&D. With FLOWSPARKS, things work differently. You don’t need to be an instructional designer to create or adapt e-Learning solutions. This means that at Bridgestone, we can focus on what really counts – the content.