Authoring tool

An all-in-one flexible authoring tool that anyone can use
A good tool is half the job

Develop e-Learning quickly and easily. Configuring and optimising modules couldn’t be easier, and they are instantly visible to participants. One module can contain different language versions, and translations can be added with ease.


Strong graphic design

You do not need graphic talent to create attractive e-Learning. FLOWSPARKS is always responsive and has an attractive visual appearance on any device


Anyone can develop

With the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool, anyone can create e-Learning. The tool is easy enough for beginners, and still offers ample flexibility for seasoned professionals.


Easy review

Let others review your e-Learning easily with the integrated review tool. Click on an element, add your comment and save.



With the gamification options, participants will be engaged longer and more intensively. By earning points, badges or adding a leaderboard they are extremely motivated to continue learning.


Make adjustments quickly and easily

Make adjustments to the content in the editor, click on SAVE… and you’re done! The changes are displayed immediately, even if the module has already been loaded into an LMS.


Versatile modules

The authoring tool contains versatile modules for every type of content. Learning Formats – Smart Templates – Smart Programs


Powerful multilingual capability

The authoring tool is available in more than 30 languages. Use it to add training courses in different languages and to create new content for every language. Particularly convenient is the option to easily import and export translations.


Combine existing e-Learning

Combine your existing e-Learning (e.g. SCORM package) with FLOWSPARKS content to form a new course. In addition, you can also integrate off-the-shelf e-Learning from providers such as Goodhabitz and Crossknowledge.


Reuse content

If you want to reuse specific content across several modules, then you can link one part easily to other modules. Making adjustments to the content? Then it will update automatically in all linked modules.



Manage the look and feel of your company using the skin editor. The editor applies your corporate image to all e-Learning that you create or have already created. If you want a different style for a specific project, no problem!



You can easily create links with different systems such as web shops, HR systems, apps, etc. We do this using our own API, but it also supports all kinds of standard integrations.


SaaS solution

FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). It means that you do not need to install anything, and will always be working with the latest version.


Customer Success Coaches

Our Customer Success Coaches are experienced in the implementation of FLOWSPARKS for our customers. They can assist with your specific situation and examine how FLOWSPARKS best integrates into your organisation.

Quickly create new learning activities