Microlearning: everything you need to know


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Microlearning: everything you need to know

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Written by Tiffany Backers

Customer Success Coach

Microlearning is: engaging, easy to create, very effective for corporate and commercial digital training and only take three to five minutes. Most often microlearnings are accessible via (mobile) devices and ideal learning nuggets for busy working days and short attention spans.

What is microlearning?

Let’s start with some other terms to describe microlearning for example, small digital learning modules or short-term learnings activities. Microlearning takes on many forms and has many approaches, one thing is consistent though: microlearning is short and sweet. It allows learners to focus on specific training topics for 3 to 5 minutes. Microlearning can consist of different types of media, such as an animation, video, podcast, texts, quiz, etc.

‘Nice to meet you macrolearning’

Engaging learners with short bite-sized learning activities is a very agile way to provide training within your organization. This could be a pitfall too, it’s easy to lose yourself in an ocean of microlearning. Microlearning should always be part of a bigger digital learning strategy. This is where micro- & macrolearning meet. In practice, micro and macro are intimately linked. Indeed, microlearning often starts life as macrolearning, which is distilled and repurposed to make it micro. 95% of the e-Learning instructors prefers a microlearning over a full day of traditional learning.

Fun fact: it is also known as bite-sized learning or referred to as a learning nugget. It aids learners to feed themselves with new knowledge.

How does microlearning work?

The best way to design microlearning is to focus on one learning goal. This allows the learner to go in-depth into the provided topic and to really become an expert on it. Because of the focus of microlearning it keeps itself to the point and makes for a more engaging learning experience which is offered just in-time.

The additional advantage microlearning brings, is that the production does not require a lot of effort. Especially when you can follow certain templates which allow you to convert learning objectives into small learning activities. On top of that, you can then tailor these learning activities for your organization and focus on the message your organization values within the training content.



Benefits for you as a trainer

  • Clear overview and manageable: microlearning usually start from a larger topic, divided in smaller bits of information. This helps you define the most important elements of the topics and provides a clear overview on the information that needs to be known.
  • Keeping information focused: short learning content means you’ll have to stay to the point. This makes it easier to deep dive into the specific content and prevents you from deviating.
  • Faster development: contrary to a complete e-Learning program, it will take a lot less of your time to develop. Which comes in handy when an urgent learning need is detected in the organization, you can react quickly and agile.
  • Flexibility: microlearning is suitable for a vast array of subjects.

benefits of microlearning


Benefits for the participant

  • Provides ‘on the spot’ support: by offering microlearning via an online platform your participants can consult the necessary information anytime, anyplace.
  • Short & to the point: it doesn’t take much of the participant’s time, which makes sure they can focus on their job and still continually learn.
  • Manageable information which stimulates better memorization: short bits of information make it easier to remember it.
  • Good for repetition: keep participants’ knowledge up to date and refresh their knowledge by repeating the information in short learning bites. Offering this in regular intervals helps them to reach an optimal learning result.
  • Enjoyable: microlearnings are visually stimulating and engaging to facilitate an enjoyable learning experience.


How to start developing microlearnings

The development of microlearning can go even faster with the right tools, who have an embedded library of different types of microlearning activities which can be adapted for your specific topic.

FLOWSPARKS is a platform which provides different learning formats and smart templates which each focus on one specific learning goal. The templates have predefined flows and didactics as well as a set layout and navigation. Add texts, questions and images to describe the topics. The help of templates boosts development and takes away technical and graphical complexities. Moreover, you can easily combine these different microlearning modules into 1 or more complete macrolearning programs. Have a look at what our authoring tool can do for you.

Think outside of the box: there are many formats for microlearning such as an email, a post on LinkedIn, a vlog, guidelines on a poster, image on a sticker, and lots more!

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