Develop interactive videos


Move from passive to active: make your videos interactive with SMARTVIDEO.



Use SMARTVIDEO to develop an interactive video. Upload a video and add key moments in the form of a question or information. You can also indicate the moments at which hotspots appear. If the participants click here, they also get information or a question.

Determine subfragments and let the participant navigate through the SMARTVIDEO easily.

Unlock video | Video with processing questions and/or additional information

For the organisation

A picture paints a thousand words:

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    Visualises the knowledge being learned
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    Hotspots with added information
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    Focuses attention on the message
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    Tests alertness

For the participant

A picture paints a thousand words:

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    Boosts empathy
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    Helps to anticipate situations
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    Provides immediate feedback and rewards
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    A compact and challenging learning opportunity

The power of SMARTVIDEO

Introduction of new topic

What better way to introduce a new topic than with a dazzling video that immediately arouses the interest of the participant? The breaks allow us to gauge the prior knowledge of the participant.

Summary of what the participant has seen

At the finish of e-learning, offer a clear summary with SMARTVIDEO. The subfragments let the participants navigate easily to the piece that is important for them.

Recorded online training or webinars

Have you record an online training course or webinar? Make these recordings interactive with SMARTVIDEO.

SMARTVIDEO in practice

With the Smart Template SMARTVIDEO you offer your participants interactive videos by adding breaks at key moments.

How does SMARTVIDEO work?

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Video training is perfect for an interactive learning experience

e-Learning and video training have been a part of BOSS paints and Colora for a while now, but since we started using FLOWSPARKS, we’ve been able to work faster and improve quality. The system is extremely user-friendly and the different Learning Formats are so well-thought-out that making online learning interactive is now easier and more enjoyable.

Make your videos interactive with SMARTVIDEO and use them as an effective learning tool.
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