Structure your content yourself and quickly
build informative and clear e-Learning


With SMARTPAGES, you can be free with your structure and content. Start with a blank page and vary it with text, photos, videos, test questions and much more. Add multiple pages and choose different layouts. Set your objectives and structure your information yourself.



Use SMARTPAGES to develop clear and concise informative e-Learning. Write text and easily add graphics, multiple-choice questions, videos, links and hotspot images. The clear structure of
SMARTPAGES helps to present information in an organized way.

Instructions | Roadmaps | Afterword | Performance support

For the organisation

Varied content in a single module:

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    Freedom in structure and order
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    Easy to visualise instructions
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    Ideal for large quantities of information
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    Enrich your content with images, multiple choice questions, videos, links and hotspot images.

For the participant

Varied content in a single module:

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    Clear and well-organised
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    Vary interactive content for improved concentration
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    Interactive learning
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    Learn from mistakes
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    Attractive and consistent look and feel

The power of SMARTPAGES

Transferring substantive information

Use SMARTPAGES to convey substantive information to participants. Combine text with supporting graphics for optimal learning.

Case-based applications

Use case studies or examples to show participants how to work with a new product. Use short and powerful texts with impactful graphics to prepare participants for real-world situations.

Work according to a step-by-step plan

Take participants through all the steps of your roadmap: how do you start and what is the result? Start with an overview on the first page and cover each step on each subsequent page. Use a central graphic and visually indicate each time where one is in the process.

SMARTPAGES in practice

With SMARTPAGES, you build an orderly, informative activity. Focus on the content and alternate with talking work forms.

Want to develop a varied learning program? With a Smart Template like SMARTPAGES, you can. Curious about other templates that you can use to make digital learning a success? Discover the inspiring and motivating FLOWSPARKS Smart Templates.

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