Task-led learning
Everything succeeds in incremental steps


Task-led learning, working through a task in fixed steps is still an effective way of getting to grips with something. It can even be a fun way to learn how to use software!



Use TASKSTEPS and explain to participants a (software) task that you go through in set steps.

Within TASKSTEPS you choose the working methods that suit your task:

  • in a Walkthrough the task is demonstrated and the participants see step by step how the task is performed;
  • in Practice it is the participants’ turn and they are the ones who perform the task;
  • in the Quiz the participants check their (acquired) knowledge with different types of questions;
  • finally, in the Quickguide, participants find a step-by-step overview of the task and can download it as a pdf.

Introduction | Walkthrough | Practice | Quiz | Quickguide

For the organization

A task in fixed steps:

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    Provides both training and reference (material)
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    Time-saving self-study
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    Encourages a problem-solving mindset
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    Easy to configure and can be used widely
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    Suitable for all types of application training

For the participant

A task in fixed steps:

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    Builds skill
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    Learn from mistakes
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    Practise in a safe environment
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    Build expertise at your own pace and create routine
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    Offers practical and immediately applicable knowledge
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    Helps to foster recognition and a sense of confidence when working with (new) applications

The power of TASKSTEPS

A meaningful example

In TASKSTEPS, participants see the software as it is actually used. Using a realistic example, participants practice the software in an authentic situation.

Practicing partial steps in a safe environment

In TASKSTEPS you divide the process to be explained into logical sub-steps. The participants practice these partial steps in a safe environment: they practice using the real software, without working in the real software. Thus, there is room to make mistakes.

Doing it yourself with the support of a manual

The combination of a Practice and Quickguide allows participants to perform the process themselves, with support from the manual. In addition, interim feedback is provided. During the exercises, participants are given several attempts. If they go wrong, they get a tip. If it goes wrong again, we take the participants by the hand and show them how to do it.

TASKSTEPS in practice

Use TASKSTEPS to teach, for example, how to handle a (new) software program or to explain the operation of a self-scanning checkout using pictures.

Learning a task in fixed steps is easy with a powerful Learning Format like TASKSTEPS. Curious about the other working methods needed to make other active ways of learning a success? Discover the inspiring and motivating FLOWSPARKS Learning Formats.

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