develop online tests


Combine different question types into diagnostic, formative or summative tests.



Use SMARTTEST to develop online tests. The options are many and varied:


  • Diagnostic tests: the participant gains insight into their own learning process;
  • Formative tests: the participant practises and learns from the feedback that they receive;
  • Summative tests: the participant tests their knowledge.

Use the question database to efficiently develop tests and questions and maintain them in a central location. Easily add variation to your tests. You can choose whether or not to give feedback after a question has been answered. Add a time limit to the questions to increase the pressure, or allow participants the option to modify their answers at the end. This and many other features allow you to add variation to your tests.


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For the organisation

Different testing options:

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    Test your participants' knowledge
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    Make adjustments, as required
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    Evaluate your own content
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    Various test methods for different objectives

For the participant

Different testing options:

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    Evidence of knowledge
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    Option to give feedback
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    Evaluation stage

The power of SMARTTEST

Case-based (formative).

Use SMARTTEST to practice with real-life situations. Sketch a case as realistic as possible and ask a specific question about it. Through direct feedback you effectively increase the participants’ understanding.

As a baseline measurement (diagnostic)

Do you want to give participants insight into their prior knowledge? Then use SMARTTEST diagnostically. By clustering questions into different sets of questions the participant can see at a glance which topics still need attention.


Examinative as a conclusion (summative)

Use SMARTTEST to assess whether the participant knows enough about a particular topic. Has the participant gained sufficient knowledge? Then he has passed the test!

SMARTTEST in practice

With SMARTTEST, you develop online tests that can be used in many ways.

How does SMARTTEST work?

Use SMARTTEST to test participants’ knowledge. Curious about other templates that can help to make digital learning a success? Discover the inspiring and motivating FLOWSPARKS Smart Templates.

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