Nederlandse Loterij

Successful and responsible lottery sales


Nederlandse Loterij is the name behind seven familiar lotteries – Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Lucky Day, Krasloten and TOTO. Nederlandse Loterij seeks to help shape a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.


Tickets for games offered by Nederlandse Loterij can be purchased at more than 6,000 sales outlets. Staff turnover at these locations is high. Nederlandse Loterij believes that everyone who sells its tickets should do so responsibly, with the appropriate knowledge and skills. They also want a way to check and record how sales outlets are doing in meeting the requirements set by Nederlandse Loterij. Consequently, it decided to provide the knowledge and skills needed online, in one centralised location.


In collaboration with FLOWSPARKS, Nederlandse Loterij has developed a series of online programs. Programs that Nederlandse Loterij can maintain itself, and that are available at any time, from any location. The programs are modular in structure so that they are in line with the lottery games sold by a particular retail chain. If a chain already has its own Learning Management System (LMS), the programs can simply be imported and used as before.

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The flexibility that we’ve been looking for

Never before has it been so easy to train so many employees in such a short period of time, and to certify sales outlets. With FLOWSPARKS, we can not only develop attractive online programs, but keep track of which sales outlets are certified and actually allowed to sell our games. The combination of collaboration with FLOWSPARKS and independent maintenance and management gives us the flexibility that we’ve been looking for. It works perfectly!

Getting to work

FLOWSPARKS features used:


  • THEMEPAGE: the programs are presented on a beautifully designed page to ensure guidance and structure and allow the programs to be used as a reference. Great for employees who want to refresh what they know.
  • SMARTPAGES: information and knowledge about the games offered by Nederlandse Loterij are attractively displayed in online magazines with custom-developed animations.
  • TASKSTEPS: operation of the terminals used to sell and print tickets is outlined step by step with TASKSTEPS. Employees who want to can download, print and use the PDF Quick Guide as a handy step-by-step plan.
  • ONTHESPOT: this learning format is used to test knowledge on and insight into the responsible sales of lottery tickets. The employee works through different situations and assesses each situation to see if it is responsible or not. He or she receives immediate feedback on the choices made.