The right care in the right place with e-Learning for healthcare professionals, employees and patients


Offering value beyond medical products, devices and services

Mediq serves healthcare professionals and patients with medical devices, healthcare products and innovative solutions. They work with hospitals, healthcare institutions, general practitioners and nurses to ensure that they can provide the best possible care. Mediq also provides people with the daily support and care they need to successfully manage their chronic condition. Both in healthcare and at home.

To achieve this, Mediq has several branches in 13 countries. With more than 2,500 employees, they are committed to this every day.


It started 8 years ago with the demand for an LMS for both patients and healthcare professionals. The modules were first developed by the project developers of FLOWSPARKS. With the expansion of the authoring tool to include Learning Formats and Smart Programs, Mediq authors can now develop new modules and maintain existing content themselves. The number of programs has therefore increased rapidly in recent years and, for the past four years, employees have also been making extensive use of FLOWSPARKS (the Mediq Academy). Whether it is about legislation or regulations, about an interesting GoodHabitz module, everything can be found on this online platform.








For patients
Mediq uses the possibilities of digital tools to promote, for example, self-regulation among patients. Self-regulation results in fewer healthcare visits, more independence, and more knowledge about a particular clinical picture.

Some examples:

  • Mediq DiaCare is an app that supports the diabetic patient, giving them more control over their diabetes. This is done with knowledge about the disease, the role of nutrition, exercise and medication use.
  • Some patients who require dialysis are eligible to do this themselves at home. An extensive online training program has been developed for this.
  • With animations and video on the use of care aids, knowledge and information is shared with patients about ostomy and continence aids.

The major advantages of e-Learning are that patients can learn at their own pace and can also access the information digitally at any time.

For healthcare professionals
With e-Learning content, Mediq manages to train healthcare professionals in areas such as wound care, continence care, ostomy care and diabetes care. These training courses not only look good but are also accredited and available for different levels. With these approved courses, both knowledge and skills are trained and healthcare professionals stay up-to-date.

For their own employees
E-Learning within Mediq is used to share information and knowledge with employees, for example, a program on hybrid working. Generic GoodHabitz modules are also used to supplement content developed in-house.

New employees receive a warm welcome with an onboarding program to get to know the organization. With subjects such as Core Values, Privacy & Information Security, Healthy & Safe working and Quality & Environment they are prepared for their new job.

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Sharing knowledge is multiplying knowledge

FLOWSPARKS gives us the opportunity to develop extensive new initiatives. We can also create our own e-Learning and keep it up-to-date. In this way we can continue to scale up and share and multiply knowledge in an ever-growing community.

More content through GoodHabitz link with FLOWSPARKS

As mentioned earlier, Mediq supplements the programs with generic content from GoodHabitz. With FLOWSPARKS it is possible to integrate off-the-shelf e-Learning from other providers into a program. This includes content from GoodHabitz. The integration of FLOWSPARKS and GoodHabitz, ensures that Mediq can give their own employees access to generic modules about for example communication, leadership and hybrid working. This integration saves time in the development of new programs and ensures that the range of options is even broader. This gives employees plenty of opportunities to learn and develop.

Getting to work

FLOWSPARKS features used:

  • THEMEPAGE: Almost every program starts with a THEMEPAGE. Here all modules and activities per topic come together on a conveniently arranged page. The learner can navigate and start modules themselves.
  • STORYWISE: Is used to get participants to learn in context by presenting dilemmas. This allows them to choose from good, better, best answers.
  • ONTHESPOT: With the Learning Format ONTHESPOT, the participant stays alert. In a short time, she must decide whether food or drink, for example, contains more or less carbohydrates than the given number.
  • FLASHCARDS: With this Learning Format, the participant answers several multiple-choice questions. These are aimed at broadening and maintaining knowledge. By answering questions correctly, cards are played away. Immediate feedback is provided to increase the learning effect.
  • The convenient multilingual features make it possible to offer content in 13 different languages and this number can always be expanded.