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Written by Indyra Olivier

Customer Success Coach

Some information is so important that you want all employees to know about it. Think about safety instructions, product specifications, or legislation. The Learning Format FLASHCARDS is a simple module that you can use to maintain and expand knowledge.

Learning by drilling knowledge: What is it?

The purpose of FLASHCARDS is to maintain or improve participants’ knowledge by drilling it. Participants enter a database of information and are presented with multiple-choice questions or statements, one at a time. It is up to the participants to eliminate these questions by giving the correct answer. You can choose to give feedback after each answer to further increase the learning effect.

FLASHCARDS is the ideal tool to present less engaging information in an interactive way. The participant is stimulated to get rid of the question as soon as possible and will thus prove to have remembered the knowledge.

Watch the video where Indyra explains how to use FLASHCARDS.

Knowledge drills in practice

Example 1: Use knowledge battles for theoretical content.

Laws and regulations are often very important, but not always the most engaging learning material. By challenging participants with knowledge battles, the learning process suddenly becomes much more interesting.

Participants are first offered a general education followed by the knowledge battle as the ultimate test. Divide the total target group into teams per department or region, for example.  Each team plays a first battle round. The winners of the first round play against each other in a new battle round, until you have a final winner. Accompany this with a prize and a title, and you’ve practically got a game set up. How much fun!

Regular battles ensure that knowledge is kept up to date. This supports permanent education! It’s a dynamic way to maintain attention for a theme or subject.

Example 2: Make important topics top of mind

A lot of work environments require knowledge of specific safety rules, for instance, the industrial sector. An important part of this is understanding traffic and prohibition signs. Offer participants a knowledge drill with pictures and ask for the meaning. If they can’t give the right answer, they get feedback, and the sign returns later. Continuing until all signs have been answered correctly.

Pro tip: Basic word knowledge is often very important, especially for non-native speakers. Set up FLASHCARDS with the most important words to know. Combine each word with pictures and they will learn the basics quickly and easily.

Drilling knowledge with FLASHCARDS

Example 3: Simplify the processing of extensive information

Within an organization with a large product assortment, staff sometimes face a challenge in keeping updated. Think of the retail sector.

Sales Account within such an organization sometimes also sells more than their own products. It is therefore important that they know what is in the range! This can easily be done with FLASHCARDS.

Pro tip: In addition to their own assortment, common questions are also something you can prepare your team for with FLASHCARDS. Simply put common questions from during the sales meeting into FLASHCARDS. This keeps everyone informed of what’s in the customers’ minds.

Go the extra mile

Give participants an extra incentive by adding the gamification element of ‘ranking’. This way you let the participants compete against each other: Who will clear the questions the quickest?

Are you done drilling knowledge? Then use EXAMCARDS to test what your participants have learned. They answer all questions once and receives a result at the end. An ideal way to conclude your online program.

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