Traceability ensures safety


Aggreko provides globally adapted power supplies and climate control systems to businesses and communities. For five decades, the company has been building on its expertise in the field of power generators. Aggreko currently has the largest fleet of mobile generators in the world. With dedicated commitment, experience and specialised equipment, 7,300 employees across 200 locations successfully solve every power generation challenge, whether it concerns urban development, commercial projects or humanitarian emergencies.

On-the-road communication

Aggreko employees are often on the road for several days to deliver the generators. ‘In the past, we maintained contact with our employees via Sharepoint and email,’ says Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans, QHSE officer at Aggreko. ‘It was difficult to determine whether the information had been read or even received. This often caused communication problems.’ When Aggreko sought a solution to improve internal and external communication, they quickly settled on FLOWSPARKS in 2019.

‘The decision to work with FLOWSPARKS was quickly made,’ Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans explains. ‘I was extremely impressed by the system’s communication options and user-friendliness. Thanks to the FLOWSPARKS web application, you can see who has read what information. FLOWSPARKS can be used on your smartphone, computer and tablet, which is useful for employees on site.’

Out-of-the box approach

Although Aggreko had its own complex training programme, staff encountered difficulties in establishing ad-hoc communication. ‘FLOWSPARKS allows you to adopt an out-of-the box approach. And you can use it for more than training applications,’ Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans adds. Aggreko also uses FLOWSPARKS to communicate rules and guidelines, for instance.

SAFESTART, an inflow module, lets you inform new employees about the basic guidelines in the workplace. This allows you to grant access even before they actually start working. After studying the guidelines, starters take a short exam and, if they pass, receive a certificate. According to Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans, the advantage of newcomers having this information from the start is an enormous time gain. Specific safety guidelines are communicated to employees via the SAFETY ALERT module. Because users actively confirm that they have read and understood the information, FLOWSPARKS offers a solution for status tracking.

Aggreko also uses FLOWSPARKS to create surveys. Management learned, for example, which office equipment employees needed to set up a home office or how safe their company cars are by means of practical modules.

Paper mountain becomes digital

Aggreko’s Service Engineer Awareness Magazine received a digital makeover with FLOWSPARKS. Unlike the paper edition, this collection of information – intended for service technicians – is always up to date and always available online.

‘We also made the emergency recovery plan available in FLOWSPARKS as basic information,’ says Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans. ‘In the past, there was always a paper version available somewhere in the workplace, but of course a digital version is available quickly and everywhere, which makes this a much better solution.’

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User-friendly and responsive

I was extremely impressed by the system’s communication options and user-friendliness. Thanks to the FLOWSPARKS web application, you can see who has read what information. FLOWSPARKS can be used on your smartphone, computer and tablet, which is useful for employees on site.

Safety first

Aggreko works with external contractors worldwide. Not all countries have the same definition of safety, which is why external contractors must provide evidence that they understand and will implement the applicable Aggreko safety guidelines. Aggreko created an event page in FLOWSPARKS especially for these external parties. Contractors can log in to it via a link and indicate via a digital signature that they agree with the security guidelines. In addition to the general safety guidelines, they also have access to useful toolboxes on a variety of subjects.

All external employees must take a short exam in FLOWSPARKS to demonstrate that they understand the safety rules. If they pass the exam, they receive a certificate in PDF format that is valid for one year. ‘The exam is not that easy,’ Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans concedes. ‘With FLOWSPARKS you can put together a sort of question pool so that no two exams are the same. In this way we can be sure that the participants do not pass the test on the umpteenth attempt simply because they already know all the questions.’

Personal support by FLOWSPARKS

‘FLOWSPARKS’ customer service is amazingly good,’ says Alexandra Van Gestel-Koopmans enthusiastically. ‘If I have a problem, they often help me within half an hour. I would also like to emphasise again how user-friendly FLOWSPARKS is. Even without a great deal of prior technical knowledge, it only took me two days to get to grips with the system.’


Get in the FLOW with Aggreko

Alexandra from Aggreko was one of the guest speakers during the webinar Get in the FLOW. Are you looking for a solution to improve internal and external communication? Or are you responsible for ensuring that safety instructions are followed by both your own employees and contractors? Then you don’t want to miss this! Get access to the webinar page and get inspired to get started yourself.

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