National Online Learning Day


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Written by Tiffany Backers

Customer Success Coach

September 15th, 2022, is a day to appreciate the sheer amount and availability of online courses and content on the internet today. You might not always think about it as learning when you listen to a TED-talk on your daily commute or when you google presentation skills or when your TikTok suggests PowerPoint pro-tips, but that is exactly what you are doing: online learning. So, this day celebrates many forms of online learning for all type of learners of all ages.



What is national online learning day?

This day is meant to put people of all ages who learn online in the picture. This day is mostly associated with online education. But also to celebrate online and remote learning in the flow of work. That is why FLOWSPARKS endorses this day to support all the content creators and learning participants.

How can you celebrate it?

The vast amount of information available to us on the internet is hard to conceive or even to put in numbers. That is why we rely heavily on content curation, where teachers, other participants & companies suggest courses relevant to you. We are also highly susceptible to peer reviews, due to the vast amount of training offers we want to make sure the quality is first-rate.

So the national online learning day is your chance to share your tips for online learning.

Offer learning suggestions to your network. These suggestions can be for work-related skills or also an online yoga-course.

  1. Ask your network for learning suggestions. When you ask around, you might be surprised what your co-workers or network have been studying.
  2. Share how online learning helped you with your studies or at work
  3. Share your own online learning stories with the hashtag #OnlineLearningDay on social media platforms

What can you do as a company?

As a company you can help curate content for your employees, by using your LMS or content creation tool to provide relevant course suggestions or allow participants to share their recommendations.

Let your employees know they can take the time to sign up for a new course today and that you endorse their personal and professional growth.

Are you looking for a learning platform?

Is your organization looking for new ways to train their employees? Request your free demo here or share your tips with us on social media by tagging @FLOWSPARKS or using the hashtag #FLOWSPARKS.


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