6 FLOWSPARKS features for even more fun and better e-Learning  


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6 FLOWSPARKS features for even more fun and better e-Learning  

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Written by Tiffany Backers

Customer Success Coach

It’s almost Easter, and that means there will be plenty of eggs hidden again. I will save you the search and explain 6 handy FLOWSPARKS features in this blog. These features will make developing e-Learning even easier and will give you new ideas.

1. Versioning

Organizations and processes change regularly and therefore e-Learning modules have to be adapted from time to time. In FLOWSPARKS you can use the version management functionality to change a Learning Format without the changes being visible immediately. You decide when the update will be visible, if it’s necessary to go through the Learning Format again and you can even choose to use another Learning Format if the content of the e-Learning is very different from the original one.

2. Media assets

With media assets you can add an image, document, video or audio fragment to any text field. This provides the possibility to add extra content in Learning Formats or to add graphical elements yourself. For example, in a SMARTPAGE you can use icons instead of bullet points to create a bulleted list.

3. GIFs

Memes and GIFs are used all over the Internet, even news sites rely on GIFs. Did you know that in FLOWSPARKS GIFs can be added in any image field? Not only PNG or JPG formats are supported. The background in a THEMEPAGE or a questionnaire becomes so much more dynamic.

4. History of modifications

Who modified what? Sometimes it is useful to know which author made an edit or when the last edit was made. For each Learning Format, you can view a history of modifications and also restore them to a previous version.

5. Glossaries

Through the context menu of an activity, users can access a glossary if one is available. Glossaries can be linked to activities or programs. In the THEMEPAGE program it is even possible to add a button that immediately links to the glossary.

6. Markers with video

If you add a video in FLOWSPARKS, you can also add subtitles (in different languages) via the option “markers”. After filling in the seconds and the text, it appears automatically. This way, the subtitles remain readable even when the video is viewed on a smartphone or tablet.


FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning platform with an authoring tool and an LMS (Learning Management System). The authoring tool consists of formats, templates and programs. The formats use one didactic working form to reach a certain learning goal. Moreover, everything looks graphically perfect on any device. In this way, everyone can start sharing knowledge independently, quickly and easily.

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