FLOWSPARKS included in the Mensura dictionary


Mensura is an external service provider for well-being and prevention at work. Mensura’s mission is to make workers’ lives safer and better. It is based on three pillars: healthy employees, the safest possible working environment and better working conditions with the aim of reducing absenteeism as much as possible.

With 125 experts, Mensura’s Learn&Connect department is responsible for training more than 5,000 customers. ‘There is a great deal of information online about health, safety and wellbeing at work,’ says Julie Pottier, Business Line Manager Training. ‘Mensura Learn&Connect’s job is to make sure that our customers have access to the correct information. After all, knowing something for sure works better.’


Up until the coronavirus pandemic, Mensura provided all training in a completely conventional manner. The experts had absolutely no experience with e-Learning, but the pandemic brought a necessary acceleration with it. ‘Classroom teaching was out of the question, so we had to decide: Use PowerPoint or look for a tool to create and make digital modules available’, says Julie. ‘And it had to be fast because in the midst of a pandemic it was crucial to get the right information about what constitutes a safe workplace in different sectors to our customers quickly.’

PowerPoint did not seem ideal, so a better authoring tool was sought. That became FLOWSPARKS and nobody at Learn&Connect is sad about that. ‘Even without technical knowledge, you can easily get started with FLOWSPARKS. And because there are so many templates for various learning objectives, the result always looks good,’ says Julie.

FLOWSPARKS in practice

‘In just four weeks, albeit with a lot of support from the FLOWSPARKS team, we had already created eight digital modules and a whole series of blended learning pathways.’ The first e-Learning was about a safe workplace during the coronavirus pandemic, with an additional module on working with Teams. Julie and her colleagues then created a blended learning path about working from home.

Mensura is a fan of the Smart program CROSSROADS. At the beginning of each e-Learning course, participants are shown the path they will follow. SMARTPAGES, in turn, are ideal for providing context or more background. And with ONTHESPOT, participants are presented with an interactive test.

‘It’s really nice that participants get instant feedback,’ Julie said. ‘Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, we quickly made the switch from classroom to blended learning and both the people who create the training courses and those who follow them are very positive.’

First external than internal training

Mensura started digitizing customer training with the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool. Secondly, internal training courses were discussed. This concerns, for example, the products offered by Mensura, on operational excellence, etc. ‘We have started creating our internal training courses in FLOWSPARKS at the request of the employees themselves’, Julie continues.

‘And it’s moving quickly. There is so much enthusiasm about FLOWSPARKS because it is such a nice, user-friendly tool that we need to put the brakes on a bit to avoid a proliferation of training courses. In fact FLOWSPARKS has become a noun that is part of our daily language: ‘We’re going to create another ‘flowsparks’ we say.’

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We are going to create another 'FLOWSPARKS'

Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, we quickly made the switch from classroom to blended learning and both the people who create the training courses and those who follow them are very positive.

Julie's tips

Julie would like to share a few important tips for those who are taking their first steps in FLOWSPARKS:

  • Draw up the structure of your digital module on paper in advance.
  • Work one step at a time.
  • Make sure you have plenty of great visuals.
  • Learn from other FLOWSPARKS users.