Why employee training is important


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Why employee training is important

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There are organizations that simply offer employee training because they have to. Think of training for compliance, hygiene, or privacy guidelines.

If organizations want to take it one step further, they also offer employee training giving them the chance to develop themselves, give confidence and keep them satisfied. Because especially in these times of labor shortages, it is important to retain employees and make sure they are happy. Several types of research show that personal development is more important than pay and other benefits. So, work to be done!

Employee training benefits

There are plenty of benefits for training your employees. Let’s zoom in:

  • Knowledge retention: This is especially relevant for knowledge that is not used on a daily basis. Through employee training, you remind people of e.g. the guidelines for compliance, privacy, hygiene, or security.
  • Onboarding process: For new employees, everything is new. Employee training is the perfect start to welcome new talent within your organization. Read more about online onboarding in this blog.
  • Employee performance: with training, people can improve processes, skills, and knowledge. It will boost their confidence, and this will benefit the employee performance.
  • Inform people about updates and changes: Organizations are always evolving. How do you ensure that the employees are aware of changes and updates? With employee training, you can create modules to inform people about these changes. This way everyone is informed!
  • Uniformity in work processes: Especially in large organizations, it can be wise to standardize processes. Think about the way of documentation in a system or the operation of a machine. With training, you can create uniformity in work processes.
  • Employee retention: By offering employees the possibility to keep on developing themselves, they stay qualified for their job and they feel appreciated. This keeps them satisfied and happy with their job


How to start with online employee training?

There is no one-size fits all plan on how to start with online employee training. But of course there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Define the goal: It always seems so simple, but what is the main goal to start with employee training? By defining the goal(s), you can narrow down all the options and make the right decisions.
  • Make a plan: What, where, who? Start by creating a plan. If you know what people have to learn and when you can either choose ready-made training or start creating your own, customized modules.
  • Target your audiences: Within your organization, there are different types of employees. Make an inventory of what knowledge and modules are needed for the different job positions.
  • Involve stakeholders: Don’t be an island. If you want to make your employee training a huge success, you have to involve the right stakeholders. Think of stakeholders who know what’s going on in the different departments, have the right knowledge, or can enthuse people to start learning,
  • Choose software or a platform: Do you want to start using ready-made modules? Do you want to create your own modules? Or are you looking for a combination? Search for the right partners, authoring tool, and LMS to achieve your goals.

Different employee training programs, software or tools


With a learning management system (LMS) you handle the distribution, reporting and administration of your online training. An LMS is a must-have if you want to organize and keep track of your modules and participants.



There are multiple suppliers for generic of-the-shelf e-Learning. For some subjects this will work, but for more customized content, you probably want to create your own content as well.


Authoring tool

An authoring tool allows you to create and develop your own modules and programs. There are many authoring tools available. With the right authoring tool, you can create and edit e-Learning in-house, in your own brand and with a lot of variety.

Is mobile learning an option for employee training?

Yes! Well, in most cases. Not all employees have access to a (work) phone during working hours. But in general, learning on a mobile device lowers the barrier to entry. This way you offer your employees the freedom to learn when and where they want. On the train, during lunch break, or at home on the couch. By offering mobile learning, you offer your employees flexibility, and this will surely pay off. So in your search for the right tools, keep the responsiveness of all modules in mind.

How to track employee training progress?

We were talking earlier about an LMS. The progress of your employees can be tracked with an LMS (Learning Management System) An LMS gives you all insights of your modules, programs and participants. This system will help to digitize and automate workflows. With an LMS you can:

  • Create the desired learning flows
  • Easily manage courses and participants
  • Track progress and results
  • Generate report

Develop employee training with FLOWSPARKS

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