Big summer cleaning: update and organize your e-learning content 


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Big summer cleaning: update and organize your learning content

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Written by Paulien Lobeau

Customer Success Coach

Summer is here! A good time to take a close look and organize all your e-learning modules to see which ones could use an update, or which ones can be archived. Because in the craziness of the day you sometimes forget to look back at existing items. A big spring clean will provide an overview and up-to-date content. Perhaps you will even come across forgotten modules that you can revitalize!

Put your E-Learning content under the microscope

Start by making an inventory or update your inventory of all the e-learning content that is currently being used. This way, you can organize your e-learning content more easily. By doing so, check several things:

  • Is the content of the learning content still up to date? Check whether things have changed in the meantime and whether the learning content needs updates.
  • Can the learning content still achieve the desired learning goal with the target group? Perhaps the needs have grown or decreased. It’s good to see if the learning content still fits.
  • Look at the reports: What are employees doing with the content and is the item still really being used? If the content is still being consulted by the participants, it is good to see what can be changed to further improve the learning experience.
  • Take a close look at the participant lists: Is this still up to date? Are there any individuals who have left the company? And does person X already have access to the learning content?



Create a spring cleaning plan

When doing a summer cleaning, you don’t have to tackle everything. That’s why it’s important to think of a few focal points: what do I really want to tackle? Then make a plan of action: who can tackle what and when? Start with the task that involves the most work or that you find least enjoyable. Be realistic: overly ambitious plans are sometimes hard to achieve.

Do you have no idea where to start? Start with learning content that is most used in your organization. Once this has been tackled, you and your colleagues can enjoy it immediately.

Archiving and discarding

During your summer cleaning, you will find items lying around or dated items. Ask yourself if you will really need this content again. Content that you really don’t need anymore should be thrown away. Other content you can keep as logical as possible: organize all your e-learning content by theme, target group or purpose in different subfolders. In this way you can find everything back when you actually need it.

There may also be items that are not immediately useful, but which you do not want to throw away yet. Therefore, create an archive where you can store these items. That way, if you ever need them again, you can get them out from under the dust.

Are you using software where you have to update duplicates of an item separately when it changes? Then limit the number of locations where you save the same module because you have to make changes for the module in all locations. If you use software that makes changes in all locations simultaneously, the number of duplicates does not matter.

Divide and conquer

You’re not alone in a summer cleaning! Invite your colleagues to join. You could even choose to make this a team activity. It’s much more motivating when everyone is having a clean-up at the same time.

Easy e-Learning updating

Are you looking for a learning platform that makes it easy on you to update your modules and content? facilitate knowledge sharing within your company? FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning platform with an authoring tool and an LMS (Learning Management System). The authoring tool consists of formats, templates and programs. The formats use one didactic working form to reach a certain learning goal. Moreover, everything looks graphically perfect on any device. In this way, everyone can start sharing knowledge independently, quickly and easily.


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