Learning through (self)reflection with QUICKSCAN


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Learning through (self)reflection with QUICKSCAN

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Written by Tiffany Backers

Customer Success Coach

Increase intrinsic motivation by having your participants fill out a QUICKSCAN. The scan is a learning moment for the participant and provides insight into strengths, weaknesses or other points of attention. As a result, the QUICKSCAN can be a good way to get a participant’s attention at the start of a learning program. You can also use the QUICKSCAN as a survey.

How does self-reflection work with the QUICKSCAN?

The participant is presented with a number of statements. These statements can be subdivided into different categories. The participant indicates on a scale how well the statement fits or does not fit him. Did he answer all the statements? Then he sees the score for the different categories. This provides insight into what he can do, what he thinks and how he relates to the subject.

Reflection: in what situations is it applicable?

Are you looking for an accessible way to give participants insight into their own actions, knowledge and judgments? Then the QUICKSCAN is an excellent start. The QUICKSCAN can also be used for a survey about organizations, structures or services. Read the 3 examples below and see what that looks like in practice.

Example 1: Creating awareness about personal data and privacy

Using statements, participants can indicate whether or not the stated behavior about privacy suits them. The result at the end of the series of statements makes clear how they deal with privacy-sensitive information in the workplace and in relation to others. By adding this QUICKSCAN at the beginning of a learning program, it immediately becomes clear where the learner stands and what the focus areas are. This contributes to the motivation to go through the rest of the program.

Example 2: Collecting feedback about an event

If your organization regularly organizes events, the QUICKSCAN is an ideal way to ask participants for feedback. Divide the statements into different categories such as communication, accessibility or facilities. With this input you can work on your next events!

Example 3: Assessing the strength of a team

Are you satisfied as an employee? Are you able to use your qualities? And do you work together in a team to achieve goals? By asking for feedback from different team members, you have input to work with to make a team (even) stronger. By working with a three-point scale from ‘I totally agree’ to ‘I totally disagree’, the opinions are expressed.

Getting started

You don’t need much to make a QUICKSCAN yourself. The didactic template is already all set, you just need to fill it in.

  • Choose the topic and the categories into which you want to divide the statements.
  • For the choices, decide what point scale you want to work with.
  • Consider which statements you want to include in the QUICKSCAN.
  • Write feedback for the results page.


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