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Gent – 25 February 2021

e-Learning software provider FLOWSPARKS has been named ‘HR Game Changer of the Year’ at the annual HR Excellence Awards. The HR Game Changer of the Year is the award for a startup, HR Tech, Smart Application, or other similar company that presents a solution or a resolutely innovative approach as a solution for human resources.

In total, 13 awards were presented in different HR categories. With its progressive software solution, FLOWSPARKS (formerly U&I Learning) won one of these leading awards this year.

FLOWSPARKS helps companies to realise a qualitative and rapid digital transformation, something which completely fits within the category. We were very excited when we heard that we were nominated for the ‘HR Game Changer of the Year’ award last year. – Cédric Herregodts, Chief Commercial Officer, FLOWSPARKS

The new way of working leads to the new way of learning

The importance of digital learning has risen to inestimable heights in the past year. As an HR Game Changer, FLOWSPARKS ensures that anyone in any company can develop powerful and efficient e-Learning.

FLOWSPARKS is the only software platform that offers didactically supported templates. Users get full flexibility and autonomy to easily deploy digital learning. For each learning objective there is a customised template; a user only needs to add the content. The result is a graphically attractive and didactically efficient e-Learning.

A solution with the potential to change the rules of the market

In a dazzling ‘Las Vegas’ show, Alain Vande Kerkhove introduced the HR Game Changer of the Year. An award that, in his own words, is granted to a company that has the potential to change the rules of the market. In order to win this award, nominees had to explain their game-changing nature and, above all, substantiate it with concrete examples. The showpiece of FLOWSPARKS’ dossier was BNP Paribas Fortis, which launched more than 60 modules for digital learning in less than nine months.

Handle your know-how sustainably

Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, companies have the opportunity to develop e-Learning at the source: the ‘subject matter expert’. By providing the tools for its employees to digitise their own expertise, BNP Paribas Fortis prevents know-how from being lost. Moreover, it stimulates their pride, involvement and loyalty towards the company.

‘The result is that employees without any L&D background can take the development of qualitative e-Learning into their own hands. It also saves us a lot of time. Previously, we estimated three and a half months for the creation of an e-Learning, now we do this in two months and a week.’Sven Joris – L&D Advisor, BNP Paribas Fortis

With its high level of user-friendliness, the wide range of applications and qualitative support from Customer Success Coaches, FLOWSPARKS is able to put its services on the map in the interests of HR.

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