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Ghent – 22 January 2021


For many, it won’t feel like a new name. U&I Learning, a provider of e-Learning Services, is the developer of FLOWSPARKS. In recent years, the company has grown into a renowned software company with its own, innovative educational platform for digital knowledge transfer. With an eye for international growth and a colourful image, the company will from now on continue as FLOWSPARKS.


U&I Learning is primarily known as an e-Learning agency. In 2017, the company launched its ground-breaking educational platform. This platform allows everyone, from every company, to get started on developing, maintaining and managing digital learning modules. This makes FLOWSPARKS a pioneer in the world of e-Learning. While other competitors resolutely stick to project development, FLOWSPARKS grants all its users complete autonomy. FLOWSPARKS allows employees without any knowledge of didactics and digital learning to nevertheless share the right information, instructions and inspiration with their colleagues.

“Many of our customers already know us as the company behind FLOWSPARKS. This made it a logical choice to offer all U&I Learning activities under this name.” – Cédric Herregodts, Chief Commercial Officer.

FLOWSPARKSis also able to distinguish itself strongly from other e-Learning software. Standard e-Learning software often requires extensive knowledge of tools that can be rather complicated. This is not a requirement for FLOWSPARKS. Thanks to its simple interface, experts in specific subject matters can digitise their own knowledge through e-Learning, which means that the information provided is of a higher standard of quality and its content is more accurate. CEO Guy Herregodts describes it as “a disruptive product within the world of traditional e-Learning”.

E-Learning services and software under one roof

Although the company is now taking on the name of its software tool, it will continue to offer the same services as before. In addition to e-Learning development via its own platform, the Learning Developers team is still working with other e-Learning software for the development of new modules for customers. Apart from this, every customer benefits from optimal support. The Customer Success Coaches team has already experienced solid growth in recent months and this is only expected to increase in the coming months.  

“With FLOWSPARKS, we are making a fantastic breakthrough in the current world of traditional e-Learning. We have all the expertise we need in the field of e-Learning. Moreover, we are highly regarded by our customers in terms of the support we provide. Our team is always ready to help, and we never shy away from any challenges with regard to e-Learning,” says Kevin Janssen, Sales & Marketing Manager for the Netherlands.

Ambitious growth plans

FLOWSPARKS goes for FLOW. Flexible Learning in an Online World. The demand for digitisation is irreversible and with FLOWSPARKS the company aims to offer an unprecedented user experience. As one of the European market leaders in e-Learning, FLOWSPARKS wants to help existing and new customers take the next steps towards digital knowledge transfer.

The company is anticipating a bright future. In the coming months, FLOWSPARKS will continue its ambitious growth plans with regard to domestic as well as international markets. The company will hire more employees to support its growing customer base.
In addition, the company intends to expand its reseller network further. In the meantime, FLOWSPARKS offers its resellers a fully-fledged support programme. Thanks to FLOWSPARKS, they can distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering valuable e-Learning solutions to their end customers. A powerful way to grow their revenue volume.

Digitisation is on an express train and FLOWSPARKS is on board

The recent COVID-19 development has put digitisation in sixth gear, so to speak. Companies that were already switching gears have now shifted up a gear, and organisations that were still in the starting blocks have, in many cases, rapidly launched a quest for a different solution. This revolution is irreversible. Because FLOWSPARKS has been focusing on the simple digitisation of business knowledge for several years, it is now able to respond effortlessly to this great demand. Customers as well as resellers are all too happy to be able to work so easily with the all-round e-Learning solutions offered by FLOWSPARKS.

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