How to distribute your e-Learning content


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Imagine streamlining your content distribution to e-Learning platforms effortlessly. No more tedious manual tasks or repetitive course uploads for minor changes. The FLOWSPARKS One-Click Publishing feature is here! With a click of a button, you can integrate your e-Learning content into one or multiple LMS systems and view changes to your content in real-time. Start today with protecting and distributing your content packages by simplifying your workflow and embrace seamless content distribution with FLOWSPARKS.

how to distribute your e learning content

Seamless content distribution

The FLOWSPARKS Authoring Tool acts as a central hub for all your LMS systems. You can establish connections between the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool and your LMS, using either remote-SCORM or LTI. This setup resembles the hub and spoke model, where the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool serves as the hub that disseminates e-Learning content to all the learning management systems within your organization. These LMS systems, in turn, are the spokes that are connected to the hub. So, no problem to connect multiple LMS systems at the same time.

Because there is a constant connection between FLOWSPARKS and the LMS, you can continue to provide the latest versions of the content to all your LMS systems without the need to reupload the content.

Now, what about security? FLOWSPARKS ensures security through a straightforward confirmation process. When you connect an LMS to your FLOWSPARKS authoring tool for the first time, you are required to verify it to establish communication between the LMS and the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool.

How to distribute e-Learning content?

When using the authoring tool of FLOWSPARKS in combination with your own LMS, you can use the One-Click Publishing functionality. When basic configuration is done, you can create your LTI link or SCORM package ready for publication on your LMS in one click. Just click the Publish button and select the LMS you want to publish to.

Note that we mention Learning Management Systems as a system to integrate FLOWSPARKS content to, but since we are supporting both the SCORM or LTI standard these systems can be anything from an LMS to an HR-system, ERP or CRM. If they comply with these e-Learning standards, content can be integrated to them.

Did you know that FLOWSPARKS can also act as an LMS? In that case, it is even simpler! In traditional learning management systems, such as Cornerstone, SAP SuccessFactors, Docebo, Moodle, Totara, Xaurum, eBlox, Workday, Orcale, Progreso, Metrilio, Syfadis, Crossknowledge and so on, you need to take a lot of steps to publish your content. Sometimes, it takes a few hours before your content will be available to all your users. With FLOWSPARKS LMS, you just click the Publish button and select the target group. The training will be available immediately.

The advantages of the authoring tool

Seamless updates and expansions

The content of your e-Learning is often changing. Previously, updating and expanding e-Learning catalogues could be a cumbersome process. However, with FLOWSPARKS, users always have access to the latest version of your e-Learning. So, you don’t need to upload new trainings. All modifications are automatically transferred to all Learning Management Systems where your e-Learning is published. Learners can now benefit from a constantly evolving library of knowledge, ensuring their education remains up to date with the latest advancements.

All languagues

In these times of globalization, employees want to do trainings in different languages. Normally, it is a big job to make a training available in different languages. You need for each language a separate SCORM package. With FLOWSPARKS, that’s not the case. With our Remote SCORM package and LTI connection, all languages are included in the same package. Thus, you save a lot of time when distributing your e-Learning.

The advantages of the FLOWSPARKS LMS


Distributing trainings and managing various course versions can be an arduous task. The combination of the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool and FLOWSPARKS LMS is very efficient to help you with that. The publication is very easy with the One-click publishing functionality, so even subject matter experts can publish their training to their target group.

Analytics and insights

FLOWSPARKS can generate automatically comprehensive analytics, offering invaluable insights into learner performance, engagement, and progress. Educators and institutions can leverage this data to identify areas for improvement, customize learning interventions, and refine instructional strategies. By harnessing data-driven insights, we empower educators to optimize the learning experience and ensure better educational outcomes.

Re-use your content

The content you integrate to multiple systems this way does not always need to be content created in the FLOWSPARKS authoring tool. If you have legacy SCORM or LTI compliant courses that you want to distribute this way, you can also do this by using the FLOWSPARKS LMS.

Do you want to automate your e-Learning content distribution?

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