Christophe Jacobs

Chief Customer Success Officer

As a Success Coach, I’m busy every day answering our customers’ simple and complex questions to the best of my ability. In addition, I am proud to lead the team of Success Coaches who are hugely complementary, allowing us to maximize our commitment to excellent customer experience.

My absolute expertise is….
…the development of experiential interactive digital learning experiences and their correct technical functioning on various learning platforms.

My favorite FLOWSPARKS feature is….
…the way multilingualism is handled and the possibilities to perform translations.

I prefer to learn via…
…being able to apply information myself and learn from my own experiences.

My e-Learning tip is…
…using the ‘device toolbar’ behind the F12 function in my browser to test the e-learning on different devices.

With this music I’m enjoying work even more…
…soundtracks from video games, made to keep focus.

I’m known by my colleagues for…
…my continuous urge to walk around the office.

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