Why sharing knowledge in the workplace works


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Why sharing knowledge in the workplace works

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There’s nothing new about sharing is caring. Not only the receiver benefits from sharing but also the giver. We all know how good it feels to make someone happy if we start sharing. Imagine if your employees themselves could share their knowledge with their colleagues. Knowledge that can help others when they encounter problems. Or experiences and examples in specific situations and cases. But how do you facilitate a knowledge sharing culture? Continue reading and get ready for a wave of positivity within your organization!

Sharing knowledge with team members in the workplace

Even if you don’t facilitate special initiatives for sharing, your team members are probably constantly exchanging information in the workplace. While this form of social learning among team members is an absolute natural way of learning, it only happens on a small scale. Because of the small scope, not everyone gets the information, nor is it captured anywhere, so it can be lost.

Why sharing knowledge is important

Every employee possesses a lot of knowledge, just imagine how much knowledge can be shared if all these experiences can be captured, collected and shared. Many situations, solutions or challenges have surely been passed before and therefore it is only convenient if you can help others with this knowlegde. If you approach knowledge sharing in a good way, you build with all team members, as it were, a large collective brain within the organization.


Benefits for knowledge sharing.

  • You ensure that knowledge is not lost when someone is ill or moves on to another organization;
  • Employees will be more involved with the organization and other team members;
  • You give your employees the opportunity to continue to develop themselves and learn new things;
  • People can improve their skills and efficiency;
  • Employees will broaden their horizon with new insights and experiences;
  • Information will be more accurate, since people from the workfield are the experts.

“Knowledge sharing for and by colleagues”

The rapidly changing society makes new demands every time on the knowledge and skills of our colleagues on the street and at the police stations. To meet this demand, we searched for new and more innovative ways of training.

We know that several colleagues are a source of valuable knowledge and that they are eager to share this knowledge. Some tried to give workshops and made instructional films themselves. However, this has limitations. In search of alternative ways, the Knowledge Sharing project was born. With this project we enable our colleagues to build their own impactful e-Learning using the authoring tool of FLOWSPARKS. In this way, the employees of the National Police are proudly sharing valuable knowledge among 63,000 colleagues. Valid, reliable and up to date.  

 Miriam – Advisor L&D National Police The Netherlands 

So, what is knowledge sharing in organizations and how can you facilitate it

Within organizations, the exchanging of information takes place in the workplace between team members. If you are looking for a structural way to let employees share knowledge themselves, look for a digital platform. This can be a central location where employees can add content per category in the form of video or presentations, for example.

If you really want to take it to the next level and are looking for a solid, future-proof and scalable solution, then look for a user-friendly software tool that allows employees to develop e-Learning themselves. If this tool offers templates with didactic and graphical support, employees can work on their own, allowing them to quickly develop and distribute new modules.

The simpler and more accessible the way employees can start sharing things themselves, the greater the effect.

Start building a knowledge sharing culture

Are you looking for a learning platform to facilitate sharing within your company?FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning platform with an authoring tool and an LMS (Learning Management System). The authoring tool consists of formats, templates and programs. The formats use one didactic working form to reach a certain learning goal. Moreover, everything looks graphically perfect on any device. In this way, everyone can start sharing knowledge independently, quickly and easily.


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