FLOWSPARKS and Context Learning For Strategic Alliance for Nordic Expansion


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FLOWSPARKS, the innovative e-Learning suite, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Context Learning, an established digital learning agency based in Helsinki, Finland. This collaboration represents a significant advancement for FLOWSPARKS, as the company aims to expand its footprint and enhance its services in the Nordic market.


Solution partner

Context Learning will play a pivotal role as a solution partner for FLOWSPARKS in Finland, contributing significantly to FLOWSPARKS’ strategic expansion into the Nordic market. This partnership establishes a strong foundation for FLOWSPARKS to navigate and thrive in the Finnish market, leveraging the expertise and support provided by Context Learning. By joining forces, FLOWSPARKS aims to enhance its market presence and offer tailored e-Learning solutions that meet the specific needs of learners and organizations across the Nordic region, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional digital learning experiences.

This partnership is much more than just a collaboration; it is a strategic alliance focused at providing outstanding digital learning experiences. By leveraging each other’s strengths, FLOWSPARKS and Context Learning aim to establish a lasting influence on the Nordic market, displaying their dedication to excellence in the field of digital education.

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We aim to offer our customers top-notch digital learning solutions

We aim to offer our customers top-notch digital learning solutions, and we recognize FLOWSPARKS as a crucial asset in fulfilling the demand for more diverse and flexible content creation. Numerous existing and prospective clients express a strong desire to enhance their e-Learning experiences, yet they often lack the suitable tools for crafting engaging content independently. FLOWSPARKS stands out with its Learning Formats, Smart Templates, customization capabilities, efficient language version production, and seamless aesthetics, addressing these demands more effectively than other prominent authoring tools available in the market.

Tailor Learning Formats and didactic tools for Nordic markets

The focus of FLOWSPARKS on providing bespoke e-Learning solutions is consistent with the need to adapt content to the specific needs of Nordic learners and organizations. Collaboration with Context Learning involves a systematic approach to customization, notably in the selection and implementation of learning formats and educational materials.

Specializing in finely tuned scriptwriting and concept design, immersive VR applications, interactive exercises, and more, Context Learning brings a range of learning design expertise to the table. Their proficiency extends to online and mobile courses, demonstrating a capacity to create impressive and highly effective learning solutions for all devices.

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We're ready to open up new possibilities and enhance digital learning in the Nordic region.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey, as Context Learning becomes a key solution partner. Together, we’re ready to open up new possibilities and enhance digital learning in the Nordic region. Context Learning’s expertise in the Finnish market aligns seamlessly with our commitment to innovation and quality. This partnership not only strengthens our presence in Finland but also sets the stage for an impactful expansion throughout the entire Nordic market. We’re eager to work together to improve e-Learning and bring great value to our clients in the region.


ITK Conference

In mid-April, FLOWSPARKS and Context Learning will unite at the ITK Conference in Finland, the largest event in the country’s education sector. Collaborating closely, both companies will share a booth, with Context Learning taking the opportunity to introduce FLOWSPARKS to attendees at this prominent education-focused conference. This joint presence underscores the strength of the partnership and the commitment to showcasing innovative solutions in the field of digital learning.




FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning software platform that contains both an Authoring Tool and an LMS (Learning Management System).

The company offers its clients flexibility and autonomy in creating digital training courses. Customers have full control of the creation, distribution, and maintenance of their online training. The authoring tool is the heart of FLOWSPARKS and gives users all the necessary elements to create interactive digital training courses. The authoring tool is filled with so-called Learning Formats, Smart Templates, and Smart Programs. These are predefined templates that support users with the didactic, graphical, and technical aspects of building online trainings. For every possible learning goal, one of these templates offers the perfect solution.

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About Context Learning

Context Learning, a well-established digital learning agency situated in Helsinki, Finland, collaborates with numerous prominent companies in Finland and the Nordic region, along with academic institutions both domestically and internationally. The agency delivers a comprehensive range of digital learning solutions, catering to the diverse needs of its clients. The proficient team at Context is dedicated to keeping clients at the forefront of digital education trends, delivering customized, scalable, and impactful learning experiences.

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