Enter the FLOWSPARKS-Awards 2023 Discover, Share, and Win!

We are proud to announce a new edition of the FLOWSPARKS-Awards!

Save a space in your diary on Thursday 14 March 2024 for the ‘Award Ceremony’ during our ‘A Taste of Learning’ event.

Why participate?

  1. Constructive feedback: Every case receives valuable feedback. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, these insights will help you grow further.
  2. Showcase your work: Showcase your work to a wider audience, both inside and outside your organisation. Show how your e-Learning project can inspire others.
  3. Networking at ‘A Taste of Learning’: Meet other nominees, share experiences and build valuable connections at ‘A Taste of Learning’. An informal setting to learn from others.

Two prizes to win:

Compete for the Public Prize and the Jury Prize. Let your project shine and get recognition from both the public and experts.

How do you enter? In 3 easy steps:

  • Round 1: enter the awards and share the essence of your e-Learning.
  • Round 2: After selection, we will make a short video of your project. Keep it simple, we want to capture its essence.
    Please keep free:

    •  29/01: MeetDistrict Ghent
    • 30/01: MeetDistrict Antwerp
    • 31/01: Strijp-S Eindhoven
  • Round 3: Collect votes and stand a chance to win the FLOWSPARKS-Award Public Prize to be presented at ‘A Taste of Learning’.

Which projects can participate?

Don’t worry if your e-Learning doesn’t have the sheen of a Hollywood production. Even modest projects with measurable impact are welcome. Whether you built it all by yourself or in collaboration with FLOWSPARKS, as long as you put your own stamp on it, it’s fine. Of course, the more own input, the better. Are you proud of the results achieved? That’s what it’s all about.


So, what are you waiting for? Share your e-Learning story and become part of the FLOWSPARKS-Awards 2023. Take part and find out what heights your project can reach!

Over ons: Wie zijn wij?

Succesvol online leren gaat verder dan e-Learning ontwikkelen. Met meer dan 50 medewerkers ondersteunen we onze klanten al meer dan 25 jaar. Van het bepalen van leerdoelen tot het succesvol uitrollen van volledige online leerprogramma’s. Dit doen wij vanuit onze vestigingen in België en Nederland en via ons internationaal resellernetwerk.

Zo maken we online leren samen succesvol!

Over ons: Wat doen wij?

FLOWSPARKS biedt e-Learning services en helpt graag bij het ontwikkelen van online leerprogramma’s. Heb je een voorkeur voor een bepaalde tool? Geen probleem, wij gaan aan de slag.

Ontwikkel je liever zelf e-Learning? Maak dan gebruik van ons flexibel leerplatform FLOWSPARKS. Dit platform is inhouse ontwikkeld en bevat als het ware de ‘brains’ van onze e-Learningspecialisten. Zo kan iedereen zelf e-Learning maken.