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During our Webinars Explore FLOWSPARKS we let international customers have their say. On 15 October 2020, it was Toshiba’s turn. In 30 minutes you’ll learn about Toshiba’s vision on digital learning and the use of FLOWSPARKS with interested parties. This is the perfect opportunity to see practical examples and gain inspiration about the various possibilities of a digital learning trajectory.

Digital learning is fully integrated into our learning process

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) is Toshiba’s retail department. This service and solution provider has customers all over the world such as Walmart and Carrefour, but also many local retailers in various segments. Digital learning is fully integrated in the learning process of both their staff and their sales activities. Personnel on the shop floor follow these e-Learning on their own mobile device. Toshiba can easily keep these modules up-to-date itself. Watch and listen to their story.

In this webinar, Rene Zuleger and Dries De Beul explain how they do it. “FLOWSPARKS is very user-friendly. After literally four calls and five e-mails with the FLOWSPARKS team, we were ready to get started. After a month, I was able to create my own content and introduce it to the team,’ explains Zuleger.

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