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During our Webinars Explore FLOWSPARKS we let international customers have their say. On 15 October 2020 it AMC International’s turn. In 30 minutes, they got the time to share their vision on digital learning and FLOWSPARKS with interested parties. This is the perfect opportunity to see practical examples and gain inspiration about the various possibilities of a digital learning trajectory.

Training 12,000 consultants in 30 countries

Eat better. Live better. AMC International has designed a Premium Cooking System to cook healthily without losing flavour. They sell their products in more than 30 countries and have a network of 12,000 mainly independent consultants. The training of these consultants is done digitally. For the rollout of these learning modules, AMC International relies on the software of FLOWSPARKS.

In this webinar Anne Muthmann, Head of Training, explains how they approach this: “FLOWSPARKS gives us all the resources we need to manage both cultural and language differences within our sales team”.

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