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The Best Online Training Animation Software

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In our previous blog we showed you the best video tools to boost your online courses. This time we give you tips and tricks for the best training animation software. That sounds good, right?

The benefits of animation in e-Learning

There are a few reasons why good training animation software is so important:

  • Grab the attention
  • Easy sharing
  • Easy to consume
  • Learn on (mobile) devices
  • Make information visible

Tips for animation in e-Learning

When you want to develop animations for e-Learning, keep those tips in mind:

  • Length: Show only what is necessary and make sure people can keep their attention. Do you have a lot to say? Consider cutting the story up into several parts.
  • Script: Like e-Learning it’s suggested to first set your goals before you start. With a script you think about the message you want to share, and it gives you guidance.
  • Don’t be too serious: Animations lend themselves perfectly to getting your message across with some humor, or to magnify certain parts. Don’t be too serious and make it fun.
  • Sound and audio: If you want to go the extra mile with your animation, make sure the timing of sound effects or music goes along with the visuals from the animation. Sometimes it also works to first download your music and finalize the voice over, before you start with the visual parts of the animation.
  • Make it easy on yourself: Creating animation videos seem difficult. The tools from the list below don’t require any special skills. Your creativity is the only limitation.

The best tools to create animations for e-Learning

1. Biteable, Moovly and Powtoon: to create your own animation videos


Biteable is an online platform that offers you everything you need to create your own training animation videos. Write the text upload pictures and videos or start from scratch. Do you prefer to use one of the predefined templates? That’s possible as well. New templates are added weekly and you can customize the colors to your own brand.


We already mentioned Moovly in our article of video tools but with Moovly you can also create animations. Upload your own videos, images and sounds to your personal media library. Combine these with the media from the Moovly libraries with over 1 million free media objects and create beautiful animations.


This is a popular tool among our customers. Powtoon gives you the freedom to create professional and customized animations. Start from a template or create your own characters. With this tool you can create animations that grabs your participants’ attention.

2. Lordicon: for animated icons

Do you want to spice up your e-Learning with animated icons? Lordicon makes this easy. Browse their library of free and premium icons. Did you find the icon you are looking for? Start the customization. When you are done, you can download the icon in your preferred file type.

3. YouTube audio library: for royalty-free music*

With the YouTube audio library, you have access to a wide range of music files that you can use for your animation video. Set the filters and go find the music you want.

audio library tool


4. Freesound: find your sound effects

Make your training animation video even more powerful with sound effects. Is your character typing? Or does your character slam a door? On the Freesound site you can find all these sound effects.


5. Lovo and Murf: create the voice overs

With Lovo and Murf you can generate your own voice overs. Just enter your script and select the voice you want. Both platforms offer a wide range of voices in multiple languages. You can even finetune the audio files. No more struggles for recording your own voice overs.

6. PowerPoint: for basic animations

We all know the cheesy training animations in PowerPoint, but by using the right animation styles they become very useful to create animated text and items. Don’t expect to create the most advanced animation videos with PowerPoint, but if you only need the basics of animations, it’s worth it to give it a try. You can find all tips on the Microsoft website. When you are done, you can easily export the animation as a video file format.

Get started

Hopefully you are inspired to give your e-Learning an extra boost with these training animation tools.

Are you looking for a learning platform to incorporate the animations into your digital programs? Then ask us about the possibilities of FLOWSPARKS.

Would you rather leave the creation of animations to the real professional? Our in-house designers are happy to assist you.

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*Always read the latest terms and conditions on the provider’s website.