User-generated content in e-Learning


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User-generated content in e-learning

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Written by Indyra Olivier

Customer Success Coach

What is user-generated content in e-Learning? 

People create new content all the time. Think about videos on YouTube, reviews after a purchase or photos and blogs. All this content is user-generated. With user-generated e-Learning we talk about content that was produced and shared by company’s employees within the context of learning. Think about tips and tricks, examples, different viewpoints or complete learning modules. After all, who knows better what’s going on and what knowledge is needed, than the employees themselves?

e-Learning content generated by employees, is this possible?

That’s an interesting question. In general, every expert is able to talk about his/her expertise. But this doesn’t mean that the expert knows how to present it in the right way. This is where a Learning Developer comes in and helps to translate the knowledge into programs that are suitable for the participants. A true co-creation between the Learning Developer and the Subject Matter Expert.

But even without the help of a learning developer, it’s possible for an employee to create e-Learning. How? With the help of didactic templates. The process is simple:

  1. Set your learning objective
  2. Choose the most suitable Learning Format
  3. Fill in with content expertise

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What are the main benefits for user-generated e-Learning?

User-generated e-Learning has a lot of benefits. The process for developing e-Learning is smoother and the information will be more accurate. Other beneftis are:


  • Relevant / familiar
  • Quickly drives engagement
  • Acceptability
  • Learning culture
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • From passive to active audience

Do you also want to start with user-generated e-Learning? 

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