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    Develop e-Learning quickly and easily with our authoring tool. Configuring and optimizing modules couldn’t be easier, and changes are instantly visible to participants. One module can contain different language versions, and translations can be added with ease.

    Create e-Learning solutions in three easy steps


    Set your learning objectives


    Choose the most suitable Learning Format


    Complement with content expertise

    Authoring tool software that allows you to get started yourself

    Create e-Learning in-house

    How easy would it be if you could create your own in-house e-Learning? With the didactic formats, employees can digitize their own knowledge. As a result, they are more engaged, you can switch faster and courses are more accurate. By starting with the learning objective e-Learning is effective and has the desired effect on your participants.

    An all-in-one e-Learning plaform

    The didactic templates ensure that all e-Learning modules are fully responsive. This means that each e-Learning module works well on laptop, mobile and tablet. Use the skin editor to easily apply your organization’s corporate identity and your learning environment is all yours.


    With the FLOWSPARKS e-Learning platform you don’t need a graphic, didactic or technical expert anymore to make beautiful and good e-Learning.

    An e-Learning tool that gives you full control

    From separate e-Learning modules to an e-Learning course

    Create separate e-Learning modules, combine them into a complete e-Learning training or even link one module to multiple training courses. Once you change the content it will automatically update in all linked modules.


    Even existing e-Learning modules made in other systems or off-the-shelf content from other providers, can be combined with FLOWSPARKS content into one e-Learning course. That saves time!

    Customized e-Learning training

    Easily prepare modules and programs for the different participants with the LMS (Learning Management System) or adaptive Learning Formats. The FLOWSPARKS platform offers the flexibility you need to compose the right e-Learning training for each target group.

    Combine existing e-Learning and integrate with other systems

    We successfully join forces with other systems. Easily integrate with HR systems, LMSs, webshops, apps and more. We accomplish this using our own API and support all kinds of standard integrations like SCORM and LTI.

    Achieve more in less time and improve teamwork

    Real-time adjustments

    Make adjustments in the content editor, click on SAVE… and you’re done! The changes are displayed immediately, even if the module has already been loaded into an LMS.

    Easy review

    Let others review your e-Learning easily with the integrated review tool. Click on an element, add your comment and save.

    Powerful multilingual capability

    The authoring tool is available in more than 30 languages. Particularly convenient is the option to import and export translations.

    Excellent user experience

    Our templates are properly designed so you don’t have to worry about the programming and technicalities behind them. All interactive elements – like buttons, links and animations – are predefined and work right away.

    Fans of FLOWSPARKS Authoring Tool

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    4 calls and 5 emails and we could get started

    FLOWSPARKS is very intuitive and easy to use. After literally four calls and five emails with the FLOWSPARKS team, I was already familiar with it. After a month, I was ready to create my own content and introduce it to the team.

    Winner of the Golden Brandon Hall award

    Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology 2021


    Get control of e-Learning creation within your organization

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    Develop e-Learning quickly and easily

    e-Learning advantages with FLOWSPARKS

    • Didactic templates developed by learning experts
    • Content creation by anyone
    • Fast and time saving
    • Powerful multilingualism
    • Easy to use on any device
    • Distribution and reporting of your e-Learning


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