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    E-Learning stands for online learning. It is a collective name for a digital device such as a laptop, telephone or tablet that’s used to share and distribute knowledge. The e of e-Learning therefore stands for ‘electronic’.

    Twenty years ago, e-Learning was still in its infancy, but today it has become an integral part of organizations and educational institutions. In the last five years in particular, online learning has grown dramatically from static text and PDF documents to interactive games, magazines and tests.

    e-Learning benefits

    Benefits for the organization

    Be in full control by shaping a steady and uniform learning culture.

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      Reach an infinite number of employees instead of a small group in classroom training
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      Ensure a uniform flow of information which can be easily updated
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      Track the performance of your participants and courses
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      Save up to 90% of your time with FLOWSPARKS

    Benefits for the participant

    Provide full flexibility for learning and development.

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      Following e-Learning on any device
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      Following e-Learning where- and whenever
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      Learning at their own pace
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      Retake and access courses at their convenience
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      Create an adaptive program so participants constantly get new information

    e-Learning software that allows you to get started yourself

    Create e-Learning in-house

    How easy would it be if you could create your own in-house e-Learning? With the didactic formats, employees can digitize their own knowledge. As a result, they are more engaged, you can switch faster and courses are more accurate. By starting with the learning objective e-Learning are effective and has the desired effect on your participants.

    An all-in-one e-Learning plaform

    The didactic templates ensure that all e-Learning modules are fully responsive. This means that each e-Learning module works well on both laptop, mobile and tablet. Use the skin editor to easily apply your organization’s corporate identity and your learning environment is all yours.
    With the FLOWSPARKS e-Learning platform you don’t need a graphic, didactic or technical expert anymore to make beautiful and good e-Learning.

    An e-Learning tool that gives you full control

    From separate e-Learning modules to an e-Learning course

    Create separate e-Learning modules, combine them into a complete e-Learning training or even link one module to multiple training courses. Everything is possible with FLOWSPARKS!
    Once you change the content it will automatically update in all linked modules. Even existing e-Learning modules can be combined with FLOWSPARKS content into one e-Learning course. That saves time!

    Customized e-Learning training

    With the adaptive e-Learning templates you can create content that is tailored to the knowledge level of individual participants. The starting level is determined by the intake test, but the final level is the same for everyone.
    Easily prepare modules and programs for the different participants with the  the e-Learning LMS (Learning Management System). The FLOWSPARKS e-Learning platform offers the flexibility you need to compose the right e-Learning training for your each target group.

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    4 calls and 5 emails and we could get started

    FLOWSPARKS is very intuitive and easy to use. After literally four calls and five emails with the FLOWSPARKS team, I was already familiar with it. After a month, I was ready to create my own content and introduce it to the team.

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    Develop e-Learning quickly and easily

    Develop e-Learning quickly and easily

    e-Learning advantages with FLOWSPARKS

    • Didactic templates developed by learning experts
    • Content creation by anyone
    • Fast and time saving
    • Powerful multilingualism
    • Easy to use on any device
    • Distribution and reporting of your e-Learning


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    What is the cost of e-Learning?

    The cost of e-Learning depends on how e-Learning is used within the learning ecosystems of your organization. There are several e-Learning tools you can use and they all come with their own price tag. However, it’s wise to not only look at the cost of the software tool, but to also estimate the number of hours and manpower it will take to create the actual e-Learning modules. If many people are involved in the process, and each time the creation of e-Learning is started from scratch, the costs will quickly rise.

    On the other hand, the question shoud not only be: “What is the cost of e-Learning?”, but also: “How much can be saved by using e-Learning?”. With e-Learning, you only have to develop a course once and with that one time effort you can train an infinite number of people. This is in contrast to a classroom training where a trainer spreads knowledge over and over to just a small group.

    Do you want to estimate the cost of e-Learning? Look at the bigger picture!


    Why is e-Learning important?

    Everyone knows that learning is important. Digital learning simply makes it a lot easier for companies to get employees and participants to learn. With e-Learning, you can build a unified learning culture. You are in complete control to create and distribute new e-Learning courses to the right participants.

    Last but not least, e-Learning for companies, will make it a lot easier to be compliant. All available data makes it visible who should take which course and when, and you can prove that your employees’ knowledge is up-to-date.

    How will e-Learning work?

    How e-Learning works, depends on the e-Learning software you are using. In a nutshell you need to collect the right information, put it in a digital form and distribute it to the right participants.

    Are you looking for an e-Learning platform that’s easy to use? With FLOWSPARKS your Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) can create e-Learning independently in only 3 steps. When developing e-Learning, you can choose from many different types of exercises. Create your own tests, add gamification elements or develop interactive microlearning exercises. This way, you keep the training varied and ensure a higher learning efficiency!

    When the content is done, the modules can be made available for participants in their own personal environment. Most organizations choose to make modules available after the participants have logged in. However, you can also choose to make the e-Learning modules public, so that everyone can access them.