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Belgian e-learning company FLOWSPARKS has launched its content authoring tool in the US at DevLearn, the acclaimed e-Learning technology event in Las Vegas. After a successful launch in the UK in cooperation with GuyKat and in South-Africa with Ceed Learning, FLOWSPARKS is ready and eager to take on the US.

flowsparks at devlearn 2022


FLOWSPARKS is a well-established e-learning SaaS company in Europe. In 2021, the Ghent-based scaleup received the Comenius EduMedia Medal, which recognizes innovation and excellence in digital educational media, and the Brandon Hall award as ‘Best Advanced in Content Authoring Technology’. These awards gave FLOWSPARKS the push it needed to set up a partnership with GuyKat to market the FLOWSPARKS product in the UK and North America.

FLOWSPARKS’s burgeoning venture into the North American e-learning market kicked off at the DevLearn Expo, in the renowned Las Vegas hotel The Mirage from October 26-28. Along with partner Guykat, FLOWSPARKS captained booth #827.

“Our mission is to enable organisations to develop quality e-learning with their own hands. Our SaaS platform, containing both authoring tool and LMS, offers our clients the flexibility and autonomy to reach the next level of their learning strategy. We are very pleased with our partnership with GuyKat, allowing us to really put FLOWSPARKS on the map in the US. It has only further increased our drive to continue our mission for innovation,”  – Cédric Herregodts, Chief Commercial Officer at FLOWSPARKS.

Supersonic growth

In just five years, FLOWSPARKS (formerly UNI-Learning) has firmly established its position as a leader in the field of authoring tools and Learning Management Systems, with offices in Ghent and Eindhoven. After a significant increase in staff numbers and the opening of a new office in Berchem (Antwerp), their North American venture is yet another pivotal step in substantiating their continuous growth.

New offices

In 2021, moving offices from Wondelgem to the MeetDistrict hub in the Ghent Ghelamco Arena proved to be a highly constructive development. FLOWSPARKS quickly realized its values were aligned with MeetDistrict’s – for instance, the importance of promoting a sense of community and team spirit among employees. Consequently, this made the MeetDistrict hub in Antwerp the ideal location for a second Belgian FLOWSPARKS office. As an added bonus, many of our new colleagues live a lot closer to Antwerp than they do to Ghent, and it is the perfect central location between Ghent and Eindhoven for meeting up with our Dutch colleagues.

“In this new age of remote work, we wanted to put our efforts into creating various workplace possibilities to promote social interaction and connectivity among our staff. Due to the continuous growth of our staff and client numbers, we felt the need to set up an additional office right in the middle of our two other offices in Ghent and Eindhoven.” – Cédric Herregodts, Chief Commercial Officer at FLOWSPARKS.

Thus, FLOWSPARKS is able to give its staff the necessary flexibility to adjust their work-life balance to fit their individual needs. In this new form of hybrid work, the office still remains the perfect location for meeting up and genuine connection, which are sound foundations for content and productive employees. This steady mix of office and home work decreases the amount of times that team members are simultaneously present in the office.

In response to that, FLOWSPARKS often organizes in-person team meetings, and afterwork and breakfast meetups for its employees.

Sustainability is key

True to their values, MeetDistrict also focuses on the use of sustainable materials in the Antwerp hub, ranging from a specialized recycling system to an in-house water purification system; a healthy workplace will always be paramount. Having access to various office locations significantly reduces the commute time of FLOWSPARKS employees. Even those residing in and around Brussels can also make use of the MeetDistrict facilities in the Brussels coworking hub.


FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning platform that includes both an Authoring tool and an LMS (Learning Management System). The company offers its customers the flexibility and autonomy to create digital training courses. Customers have full control over the creation, distribution and maintenance of their online training. The authoring tool is the beating heart of FLOWSPARKS and provides users with all the necessary elements to create interactive digital training courses.

The authoring tool contains “Learning Formats”, “Smart Templates”, and “Smart Programs”. These are predefined templates that support users in the didactic, graphical and technical aspects of building online training courses. For any learning objective, one of these templates can offer the perfect solution.


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