FLOWSPARKS announces strategic partnership with LYADIS to enhance French market presence


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FLOWSPARKS, the leading Belgian-based e-Learning company, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with LYADIS, a prominent French-based digital learning agency. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for FLOWSPARKS in expanding its reach and enhancing its services in the French-speaking market.


The partnership with LYADIS is a key element of FLOWSPARKS’ commitment to providing impactful e-Learning solutions to its clients. LYADIS, as an implementation partner, will play a crucial role in customizing and implementing FLOWSPARKS’ e-Learning solutions to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients in the French market.

LYADIS, based in Lyon, France, specializes in creating impactful digital trainings. They create custom and off the shelf e-learning, as well as offering training and consulting, and audio visual production services.

By joining forces with LYADIS, FLOWSPARKS aims to strengthen its position in the French market and deliver even more personalized and effective e-Learning experiences to clients in the region. This collaboration leverages the unique strengths of both companies.

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We know that Lyadis has a wealth of experience

We are excited to announce our partnership with LYADIS as we continue to focus on expanding our presence in the French-speaking market. We know that LYADIS has a wealth of experience in digital learning, which will be a great asset to our existing and new French speaking clients.

As FLOWSPARKS and LYADIS embark on this collaborative journey, both companies look forward to making a lasting impact on the e-learning landscape in French-speaking regions. This partnership signals a new era of innovation and growth for FLOWSPARKS as it continues to strive for excellence in delivering e-learning solutions globally.

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We are excited to integrate FLOWSPARKS tools

With a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, we are excited to integrate FLOWSPARKS tools into our portfolio, providing clients with enhanced flexibility and user-friendly solutions.”


Learning Technologies Paris 2024

The collaboration marks the inaugural partnership between the two organizations, as they eagerly come together for the Learning Technologies event in Paris. This renowned L&D gathering annually unites over 9,000 professionals specializing in training, Digital Learning, Human Resources, and talent management from across the globe. LYADIS is set to showcase FLOWSPARKS at their booth, featuring a dedicated partner corner.




FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning software platform that contains both an Authoring Tool and an LMS (Learning Management System).

The company offers its clients flexibility and autonomy in creating digital training courses. Customers have full control of the creation, distribution, and maintenance of their online training. The authoring tool is the heart of FLOWSPARKS and gives users all the necessary elements to create interactive digital training courses. The authoring tool is filled with so-called Learning Formats, Smart Templates, and Smart Programs. These are predefined templates that support users with the didactic, graphical, and technical aspects of building online trainings. For every possible learning goal, one of these templates offers the perfect solution.

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LYADIS is a leading digital learning agency based in France, specializing in creating tailored and impactful learning experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the digital learning landscape, Lyadis helps organizations transform their training programs and enhance the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

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