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From the Oost-Brabant unit, Blue4Charity was created after the illness of a colleague. During Blue4Charity, money is raised for a good cause. Each edition is a different charity, just like Villa Pardoes, Kika and Make a Wish Netherlands. In 2022, police officers will cycle for the Wish Ambulance. FLOWSPARKS is the main sponsor of this great initiative.

The finish is Friday afternoon, 16/09/2022, around 16h. This will be at the cycling track of the cycling club of Schijndel (Leemputtenweg 5 in Schijndel). After the finish the check will be handed over to Wens Ambulance Brabant.


About the collaboration between the National Police and FLOWSPARKS

The National Police Netherlands noted that the rapidly changing society is constantly making new demands on the knowledge and skills of colleagues on the street and at police stations. To meet this demand, they started looking for new and more innovative ways of training.

“We know that several colleagues are a source of valuable knowledge and are eager to share this knowledge. Some tried giving workshops and making instructional films themselves. However, this has limitations. Looking for alternative ways, the Knowledge Sharing project was born. With this project, we enable our colleagues to build their own impactful e-Learning using FLOWSPARKS’ authoring tool. In this way, National Police employees proudly share valuable knowledge among 63,000 colleagues. Valid, reliable and up-to-date.” Says Miriam, Advisor L&D National Police Netherlands.

Easily share knowledge yourself

Several years ago, FLOWSPARKS already saw the need among organizations for more autonomy over the development of new learning materials. They have responded to this since 2017 with an innovative SaaS platform for e-Learning. With this platform, organizations are able to create, manage and distribute their own customized digital learning modules or training courses.

“FLOWSPARKS’ pre-programmed templates include didactic, graphical and technical aspects for developing an online training course. This puts our customers in full control when developing new learning modules and allows everyone in an organization to easily share knowledge themselves. This is what makes FLOWSPARKS unique in the market.” Says Tijs van Straten, Sales Manager Netherlands at FLOWSPARKS.

A network of knowledge sharing for and by colleagues

If employees are interested in getting involved in e-Learning development themselves, they can report to HR or their own supervisor. Every 2 months, a new group of authors is prepared to start developing their own content. Currently, several dozen police officers are already developing their own content, and this number is growing every month.

Through this ever-growing network, colleagues help each other move forward. Think of e-Learning modules on practical situations, examples and experiences. This accelerates learning processes, which in turn benefits the daily work and requested qualities of officers on the street and police stations. Initial experiences are positive and e-Learning is in full development.

About the National Police Netherlands

The National Police Netherlands is the Dutch police service. They enforce the law, preserve public order and provide assistance. Police officers are at the center of society, close to the news. The police are where it happens. The actions of officers are always under a magnifying glass. Police officers are there 24 hours a day and for everyone in our diverse society. Integrity, courage, reliability and connection are therefore the core values.


FLOWSPARKS is a SaaS learning platform that enables organizations to create and deliver e-Learning quickly and easily on their own. The platform is unique and the approach enjoys international recognition. In 2021, FLOWSPARKS received no less than three awards from Belgium, Germany and the United States. FLOWSPARKS operates from its headquarters in Ghent (Belgium) and Eindhoven (Netherlands).

Customers are medium and large organizations active in various sectors such as automotive, healthcare, industry and retail. Worldwide, there are more than two million participants in 150 countries.

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