What are the advantages of E-Learning?


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What are the advantages of E-Learning?

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More and more companies are offering online learning (e-Learning) to their employees. This is not surprising when you know that the size of the e-Learning market has passed the 315 billion $ mark by 2021. Analysts predict that the market could still grow by an average of 20%.

If your organization wants to remain flexible and efficient, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the advantages of e-Learning. We list them below.

What is online learning?

This is a form of distance learning via the internet. Another term for this is e-Learning. With such an e-Learning platform, you can create courses, quizzes, exams and certification training to educate your target audience in the best and most efficient way possible. Organizations will use an LMS (Learning Management System) and authoring tool to implement it within their work environment.

6 Advantages of E-Learning

#1 Low cost and time savings

A physical training course can easily take a full day, while an e-Learning course will maybe only take an hour. Plus there are also the costs of travel, facilities, materials, trainers and more. This makes online learning an investment in the future because you can eliminate these fixed costs.

In other words: with e-learning you make money!


#2 More flexibility

For most employees, it is difficult to devote much time to learning. An e-Learning platform gives them the flexibility to learn when it is most convenient for them. They can also do this where they want: some prefer to sit in their chair, others like to sit in the garden. An e-Learning course is therefore available anytime, anywhere at the time that is most convenient for the employee. This is one of the great advantages of online learning.


#3 Content is easy to adapt

With traditional training, you have to start printing new material or modifying PowerPoints in advance. With e-learning, you can insert new pieces or make certain minor adjustments with just a few clicks. Anyone in your organization can do this because of the ease of use of these platforms.


#4 More control

With online learning, it is much easier to have a complete overview of the progress of the employee. This makes it possible to intervene in time on matters that require more attention, or to see when something is going very well.


#5 Improved knowledge and concentration

Some employees need more time for a certain subject, online learning gives them the space to do this at their own pace. They can also repeat the learning material several times. This will also improve their focus as there is no longer a lot of pressure. In addition, they always have access to the available knowledge in case they have a question about something.


#6 Increased interaction

An e-Learning gives the opportunity to deliver learning in different forms. A video in which participants have to indicate what is wrong or right, a quiz to test the knowledge, multiple-choice questions and much more. Thanks to the Learning Formats of FLOWSPARKS you can ensure that you keep activating your employees with different formats. This will motivate them even more because there is a wide variety of ways to learn something.


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