Expertise as the basis for excellent customer service

Recticel is an international manufacturer of polyurethane. This Belgian company has over 50 plants and offices across 20 countries. The Recticel Insulation business line now has seven production sites in Europe and is expanding rapidly.

Knowledge management

Recticel is an important player in the market of high-quality insulation. ‘We want to offer more than just the best prices,’ says Nele Ameye, Application Engineer at Recticel. ‘We believe in professional knowledge. To expand our network of experts, we must share that knowledge among colleagues. This enables us to provide excellent customer service alongside high-quality products.’ Recticel also regularly shares its expertise with customers. Through blog posts, podcasts, an in-house magazine and customer visits, customers can learn about construction-related topics.

Sharing knowledge effectively

Recticel facilitates a learning program for customers to build flat roofs. In order to familiarize customers with the construction techniques, Recticel salespeople first receive intensive training themselves.

The training course initially consisted of a very long PowerPoint presentation. This was an especially time-consuming form of learning. The entire presentation had to be repeated for each new batch of employees. With hundreds of slides in bullet points, the theoretical material was also difficult for the target audience to absorb and it was also difficult to learn at your own pace. In search of a more efficient system for training colleagues, Recticel ended up at FLOWSPARKS.

Why choose FLOWSPARKS?

‘We chose FLOWSPARKS in the first place because they offered quick and enthusiastic answers to all our questions,’ says Ameye. ‘They contributed their ideas and almost immediately came up with a tailor-made offer. Once on board at FLOWSPARKS, the process went very smoothly. We were impressed by their high-quality project management skills and creativity.’


Tailor-made e-Learning offer

Another advantage of FLOWSPARKS for Ameye was the compatibility with their own LMS (Moodle) and that you can easily modify the e-Learning modules afterwards. This is handy because the products and legislation related to insulation are constantly changing.

Recticel first developed a digital learning pathway for flat roofs that can be rolled out in the various countries. That in itself is a challenge, due to the language barriers and the different content per country. The target audience is also very diverse. It involves around 150 professionals from different backgrounds in terms of interests, functions and technical skills. However, with the help of the FLOWSPARKS team, within two months Recticel developed a relatively large e-Learning module of approximately one hour lead time.

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More interactive and fun

Videos, animations, FLASHCARDS and SMARTPAGES make it easy for you to absorb the learning materials. Various gamification elements also make everything more interactive and fun.

FLOWSPARKS in practice

The basic module contains a lot of theory. Videos, animations, FLASHCARDS and SMARTPAGES make it easy for you to absorb the learning materials. Various gamification elements also make everything more interactive and fun. In addition to a SMARTQUIZ, for example, Recticel opted for the DECIDENOW technique, in which the participant is taken through a case study in which he or she is faced with choices.


Bite-sized micro-learning

The installation instructions are also given an interactive framework. In it, participants enter real-life situations of contractors via the ONTHESPOT technique and must answer questions.

The small micro-learning modules with time indicators allow participants to learn at their own pace. If they want to stop for a while, they can always pick up the thread later. At the end, participants must take a test. They can only complete the module if they answer all 15 questions correctly. The test also promotes learning. If you answer incorrectly, the correct information appears on the screen.


Feedback from participants

The short survey at the end of the training course shows what the participants themselves thought of it. Interactive and engaging is the feedback Recticel hears most often. And then follow compliments for the fun graphics and the pleasant pace of the training course. Over 83 percent of participants gave this initial e-Learning experience an 8 out of 10. At Recticel, they thought this was a great figure, given the very diverse technical backgrounds of the participating employees.

‘Overall, everyone was very positive about this module. That made us enthusiastic to continue with it. In the meantime, we are already working on a second module on acoustics,’ Ameye adds. It must be fully developed and rolled out before the end of the year. Indeed, there are already new training courses scheduled for next year.