FLOWSPARKS integrates with Google Cloud Translate API


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After our announcement of the new feature with DeepL API, we are proud to present the integration with Google Cloud Translate API. This allows our clients to translate their e-Learning to 135 languages with the click of a button. The ‘translation by online service option’ enables our clients to manage and translations processes to save time and cut costs.


AutoML Translation technology

e-Learning experts with some domain knowledge are able to build these translations without any coding knowledge.

Translate a single field

  1. Select the module and click on the ‘edit’ icon
  2. Select your instruction text
  3. On the top right of the instruction box, you will see the translate icon, click on it
  4. Select the language that you want to translate to and click the button ‘Translate Automatically’
  5. Go back to your instruction text and top right you can now select the language that you just selected.

Translate an activity or program

  1. Select the activity or program in the content manager
  2. On the top bar click on the translation icon
  3. Click on Translate Automatically
  4. Select the language that you want to translate to and hit Translate Automatically
  5. Hit the close icon on the top right
  6. You can now select the activity or program that you just translated and click on the view icon

Translation API features

When you want to translate an e-Learning module immediately, the Translation API can do this instantly in more than 100 languages. The main difference with AutoML Translation is that the Translation API doesn’t take into account the domain specific custom terms.

How does it improve the FLOWSPARKS experience?

The Google Cloud Translate API delivers real-time translations which speeds up the training for the participant because they get the content in their language within seconds.
For the author this will give quicker and more accurate results. It also adds a level of control because you can add translation on the go. How about achieving localization in a click? Implementing localization in your learning modules helps you reach across global masses. This will make managing teams of employees much easier and will enable them to collaborate smoothly even if they are geographically dispersed and drawn from a range of nationalities.

Other features


The integration of Google Cloud Translation API ensures an easy and pleasant translation experience. Once the service is connected to your FLOWSPARKS portal you can assign the option to a selection of authors and using it is simple and easy.

Live language conversion

As a participant you benefit from multiple available languages. At any point during the online training, a participant can also switch the language of the course without losing progress (depending on the available translations done by the author).

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