FLOWSPARKS is used in many different sectors and corporate departments, and we are very proud of that. But who is better and more capable than the users themselves at describing the gratifying experiences of their FLOWSPARKS journey?

Take a look at the various cases of our FLOWSPARKS ambassadors, excitedly discussing their projects in onboarding, safety, sales training, compliance, product introduction and so much more.

Because FLOWSPARKS is so much more than a revolutionary technological/software platform for digital learning materials. With FLOWSPARKS, users get an all-round tool that allows them to easily create, manage, distribute and modify e-Learning. Employees create unique content THEMSELVES, build knowledge bridges, and quickly become enthusiastic ambassadors.

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FLOWSPARKS cases in the spotlight

Bridgestone| International

‘FLOWSPARKS does what it promises. You have complete control, there is full flexibility to give it our own house style, and we can easily create our own content without having to call on technical talent.

Evelyne Van Vosselen


Working with FLOWSPARKS has, among other things, greatly reduced development time. ‘Both the front-end and the back-end are very intuitive.’ ‘Once you are on the FLOWSPARKS platform, you can find your way around very quickly, thanks to the clear buttons and the well-organised structure.’

Dirk Peeters

An overview of some other FLOWSPARKS cases

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